Pretty Little Liars Speculation: Jason Killed Mrs. DiLaurentis
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Speculation: Jason Killed Mrs. DiLaurentis

Jason DiLaurentis (Drew Van Acker) has always been a deeply troubled figure on Pretty Little Liars, but is he capable of murdering his own mother? After watching the Season 4 finale, we’re not sure what to believe, but we do think there’s a definite possibility Jason killed Mrs. DiLaurentis.

Mrs. DiLaurentis would have protected him. One of the biggest clues to Jason’s potential culpability is the fact that, whoever attacked Ali, Mrs. D. was willing to protect them over seeking justice for Ali. That is a short list of people, and Jason is definitely at the top of it. If Jason tried to kill Alison, who’s to say he wouldn’t also try to kill his own mother?

He has a history of blackouts. For a long time, Jason himself worried that he had killed his own sister. He had been so high the night of her alleged murder that he couldn’t remember what happened. Was this just an effect of substance abuse, or was it something more? If Jason is missing gaps of time and it’s not related to alcohol or drugs, then it could happen again. Or, even if it is related to alcohol or drugs, who’s to say he isn’t still taking them? After all, he lied about going to rehab. Might he have even more in common with Spencer and her addiction to narcotics than we thought?

He returned home to be with his mother. When Spencer approached Jason to talk to him, he had no interest in having a heart-to-heart. Instead, he just spoke of what his mother had done for him and why he needed to stick with her. At the time, it sounded like the actions a loyal son, perhaps hoping to make up for a terrible sin he had committed and his mother had protected him from being arrested for. But, could it have been less about keeping his mother company and more about keeping a watch on her? Perhaps, Jason was afraid his mother would talk, and came home to Rosewood to make sure it wouldn’t happen.

The CeCe connection. CeCe implied to the police that she knew who the girl in Ali’s grave was. That also implies that she knew who killed her. Fun fact: CeCe and Jason were still a couple that night Ali went missing. CeCe broke up with Jason the very next day. Was it because she had seen him do something unforgivable? Did he make her play a part in it? After all, she was dressed up like Ali the night Ali went missing. Was this all part of Jason’s plan: to somehow use CeCe as a decoy? Is this why Wilden so desperately wanted to talk to CeCe? Because he knew she was involved in Ali’s disappearance? Is this why Wilden was killed? Because he got too close to the truth about Jason?

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