Pretty Little Liars Speculation: Jenna Knows Ali is Alive
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Speculation: Jenna Knows Ali is Alive

Are the Liars the only ones who know of Alison’s continued existence on this mortal coil, or are there others within the Pretty Little Liarsfictional universe? There is one candidate in particular who we think is in on the secret: Jenna Marshall (Tammin Sursok). Here’s why!

In Season 4, Episode 9 (“Into the Deep”), the Liars desperately try to get Jenna to give them the information she has about Ali, but Jenna refuses. At the time, it seemed like Jenna might know something about Ali’s death. Now that we know Alison is alive, it seems more likely that Jenna knew something about Ali’s fake death (i.e. that the entire thing was a ruse). This is corroborated by the conversation between Jenna and Shana that Spencer and Aria overhear. During it, Jenna is speaking about Ali as if she is alive. Seems like Jenna has been in on the big secret a bit longer than we have.

Whatever Jenna does know about Alison potentially, her hiding spot someone tried to kill her for it. Could “A” have come after Jenna, trying to get Ali’s whereabouts out of her? Alternatively, could Alison herself have been the one to take out Jenna, desperate to keep her life and whereabouts a secret? Either way, it seems likely that Jenna knows about Ali’s continued existence in some capacity.

After Jenna almost dies, Shana reveals to the Liars that CeCe Drake is the person of whom Jenna is so desperately afraid. Now that we are relatively sure CeCe is not in cahoots with “A” (she was spying on Ezra in Season 4, Episode 11: “Bring Down the Hoe”), we wonder if CeCe isn’t Ali’s right-hand woman. If so, she could have been the one who tried to kill Jenna, sent by Alison to keep Jenna quiet (forever) about her not-death. Seems a little drastic, but Ali and CeCe have always been of the dramatic sort.

Shortly after the fire at the Thornhill Lodge, Emily notices a burn on Jenna’s hand, implying the girl was there when the flames went up. You know who else was there that night? Alison DiLaurentis. She pulled the Liars out of the fire when they were trapped, effectively saving their lives. Though the Liars were too out-of-it to fully believe that it was really Alison whom they saw, presumably Jenna would have been aware. Perhaps, Jenna hasn’t been in on Ali’s fake death since day one, but only more recently.

Do you think Jenna knows Alison is alive? Do you think Alison tried to kill her to keep it secret? Sound off in the comments below!

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