Pretty Little Liars Speculation: Are Jenna and Mona Secretly Working Together?
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Speculation: Are Jenna and Mona Secretly Working Together?

By now, we’ve pretty much entertained every possibility for conspiracies on Pretty Little Liars. But there’s always been one thing that has bothered us: Mona and Jenna never interact, like, ever. Think about it: They’ve never been friends or adversaries, even when both of them had the Liars as their common enemies. At least, not on-screen.

In the book series that inspired Pretty Little Liars the TV show, Jenna and Mona were friends. When Ali and the Liars burnt down The Cavanaugh’s garage, blinding Jenna in the process, Toby was the only witness. But in the book version, not only was Mona there, she also got badly burnt. The incident was the reason that Mona became “A” in the books, and the cause of her eventual death, when she tried to enact revenge for what the Liars did to Jenna.

During the first two seasons, Mona was secretly trying to take down the Liars. Instead, they suspected Jenna was the one trying to expose their secrets and ruin their lives. Both Jenna and Mona have left town for unexplained reasons throughout the series, with thin excuses given for their whereabouts. And while each was assumed to be alone, could it be possible that they were in the same place at the same time on purpose?

“A” may have been revealed recently as Ezra, but it’s always been known that there’s more than one person on the “A” Team, and many fans are unsatisfied with the idea that Aria’s OTL is trying to take them down. And even if he is “A,” it could just be temporary, as Mona’s, Toby’s, and Spencer’s stints on the “A” Team were, and it’s likely he’s not working alone.

It gets a whole lot more intriguing when you consider that during the Season 4 Summer Finale, we found out that Mona and Shana are working together on something suspicious. You'll recall that Toby trailed Shana, driving Mona's car, to a Bed & Breakfast. While we only got a little glimpse of what they were doing, we certainly heard an exchange that seems to support our theory: In the scene, Mona ask Shana, “You sure she’s okay with this?” Shana responds, “She doesn’t have a choice.” At the time, we wondered if she was referring to Melissa, who is with Wren in London, which would explain why Shana is snooping in Wren's flat, and why they have the new address. But since Jenna had just nearly died, and was out of commission to continue on whatever they're scheming, perhaps it was her that they were talking about? After all, we know that Shana and Jenna are close, and we can't quite put our finger on what Shana's doing in Rosewood.

Though there’s no evidence that Mona and Jenna are definitely working together, or that they’re on the “A” Team, we can’t help but wonder what their relationship is. As the two best people at keeping secrets in Rosewood, with mysterious absences and common enemies at similar times, isn’t it possible that we’ll soon find out that they’ve been colluding all along?

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