Pretty Little Liars Speculation: Lucas Is a Double Agent in Mona’s Army
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Speculation: Lucas Is a Double Agent in Mona’s Army

Season 5 of Pretty Little Liars has introduced a host of exciting new plots for the show to explore moving forward, but perhaps none as intriguing as Mona’s Army, a gang of the people Alison DiLaurentis has hurt most of all, seemingly resigned to seek vengeance for the pain the former mean girl has caused them. Lucas (Brendan Robinson) is one of the army’s number and a character we haven’t seen in quite some time. Might he be a double agent in Mona’s Army? We speculate below.

His loyalty to Hanna. Lucas may be a more mysterious character these days, but we still have faith that the loyal friend he was to Hanna in Seasons 1 and 2 is still in there somewhere, and we can’t imagine that Lucas doing anything to hurt Hanna, the other Liars, or maybe even Ali. Sure, he’s been through a lot, but Lucas is not the type to turn on his friends easily. Though Mona may be twisting arms for people to join her army, we’re not so sure Lucas will totally go along with it. We think it’s far more likely that Lucas will go out of his way to help Hanna and anyone she loves. Heck, he did once retrieve Caleb from California for our girl.

His unhappy history as an “A” Team minion. One of the more formative experiences in Lucas’ recent character arc has got to be his stint on the “A” Team. After losing a lot of money, Lucas was blackmailed by Mona to take part in “A” Team shenanigans. He even left Rosewood High to be homeschooled because he didn’t feel safe with Mona there. Now, as much as Lucas hates Ali, might he hate Mona even more? Her manipulations were more recent and arguable more extreme. Did Lucas join Mona’s Army not to take Ali down, but rather Mona, as a double agent on the inside?

This promo pic from the 100th episode. Though we’ve seen Lucas thus far in Season 5, he hasn’t gotten a real storyline. Hopefully, that will change in the 100th episode. He’s featured in several of the promotional photos for the episode, including this one of Lucas hanging with Hanna and Lucas. This shot implies that Lucas is not only back at Rosewood, but back in Hanna’s life as a friend. This only reiterates the connection and loyalty we believe Lucas still feels for Hanna, and the lengths he might go to prove that to her.

Do you think Lucas might be a double agent on Mona’s Army? Why or why not? Sound off in the comments below!

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