Pretty Little Liars Speculation: Is Maggie Part of the “A” Team?
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Speculation: Is Maggie Part of the “A” Team?

Word on the street is that Maggie, aka Ezra’s high school friend and one-time assumed baby mama, will be appearing in Pretty Little Liars Season 4B. This intrigued us, given that Ezra discovered that not only is Malcolm not his biological child, but that Maggie was planning to move all the way to Washington. Why is Maggie sticking around? Could it be “A” Team-related? We speculate below.

If Ezra is “A”...

We’re not sure if Ezra is “A” or not, but if he is, that certainly makes Maggie’s culpability in the “A” game a whole lot more likely. After all, Maggie was living with Ezra for awhile. That’s gotta put a damper on the whole scheming thing. Could Ezra have recruited Maggie for the “A” Team? The family that spies together, stays together, amirite? PLL showrunner Marlene King has said that there are people who already know of Ezra’s involvement in the “A” game. Could one of those people be Maggie?

Maggie as spy

If Ezra isn’t “A,” then Maggie is still an ideal candidate for the real “A” to recruit. Ezra is close to all of the Liars (obviously and especially Aria). Having someone with not only the ability to gather information on Ezra, but actually influence his decisions (using Malcolm as a pawn) would be vital to “A.” It was Maggie who more-or-less broke up Aria and Ezra. Did she push that outcome because of “A”’s orders?

Maggie has lied for money before

Maggie really does seem committed to her son, which begs the question: why would she agree to go along with “A”? Well, there’s always blackmail (i.e. I’ll hurt Malcolm if you don’t do as I say), but we don’t think “A” would have to go that far. After all, Maggie has already demonstrated that she is willing to accept money in exchange for her cooperation before. For the first six years of Malcolm’s life, Ezra’s mom paid Maggie to keep his existence a secret from Ezra. Would she do that again?

Malcolm was captured

Malcolm was “kidnapped” by the “A” Team (more specifically, Spencer) in Season 3 to freak Aria out. And the kid had the best time ever. Could he have known about the scheme beforehand? Did Maggie set up the entire situation for “A”? With one or more of his parental figures involved in the “A” game, this kid is either going to turn out to be the craziest or coolest kid ever.

It explains Ezra’s involvement

We’ve speculated above that could have been Ezra who recruited Maggie for the “A” Team, but what if it was the other way around? Ezra is super upset when he finds out that Maggie lied to him about Malcolm’s paternity, but what if that isn’t the only truth she revealed? What if Maggie somehow blackmailed Ezra to join the “A” Team, or even simply told him what was going on in Rosewood with “A” and the Liars (which was potentially, one of her reasons for wanting to move far away)? When he storms into “A”’s lair in the summer finale, he looks very angry. We assumed it was because he noticed that someone had found it, but what if he - like the Liars- is on the hunt for “A”? What if he is just another pawn in her web of manipulation?

Do you think Maggie could be a part of the “A” Team? Why or why not? Share your theories in the comments below!

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