Pretty Little Liars Speculation: Melissa Has a Twin
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Speculation: Melissa Has a Twin

Someone has to have a twin on Pretty Little Liars, right? We’ve debated the possibility of Alison DiLaurentis having a twin ad nauseum, but what about Melissa Hastings (Torrey DeVitto)? Spencer’s big sister definitely has something to hide. And, after the last episode, we know her big, bad secret comes from a place of love. Does Melissa have a twin and, if so, who knows about it? We speculate below!

The Hastings Family Secret

Whatever secret Melissa is hiding, it seems to be a family one. Between the whispered convos Melissa has with her father and Veronica’s description of her marriage as one of lies, you better believe that every Hastings (but Spencer) is in on it. What is it that Spencer’s family doesn’t want to tell her? Perhaps, it is that there is another member of their family, one that never quite lived up to the high expectations set by the Hastings family. This might also explain why Spencer’s parents always seemed to favor Melissa over Spencer: she was the good twin, the one who deserved recognition for being better in some skewed definition of that concept than her twin sister.

Spencer Doesn’t Know

So, how does Spencer not know that she has a sister she never knew about? Well, the Hastings have already proven once before that they know how to keep a sibling secret from Spence i.e. Spencer’s half-sibling Jason. Unlike Melissa or even Jason, Spencer could have been young enough when Melissa’s twin was sent away (to Radley) that she doesn’t remember her other older sibling. Though she has certainly been privy to the family culture of secrets and lies that another older sister potentially left behind.

Jason May Be In On It

We’re still convinced that Jason was up to something during his time away from Rosewood. Before Ali’s return, we assumed Jason was helping his sister on the run. Based on their dynamic upon his return, that doesn’t seem like a very likely scenario now. But what if he was helping a sister just a different one. Was Jason helping his half-sibling, aka Melissa’s twin?

Her Secret Is “About Love”

Melissa talks a great deal both about her desire to protect her family members and how the Rosewood murders may be gruesome, but are “still about love.” All this time, we thought Melissa was talking about protecting Spencer, but what if she’s actually been talking about protecting her twin sister (and Spencer)? Better yet, what if she’s trying to protect Spencer from her twin sister, while at the same time, keeping said twin sister a secret? That’s a lot of sisters to protect, but we think Melissa could manage it.

The N.A.T. Club Videos

The night of Ali’s apparent death, Melissa was freaking out about some N.A.T. Club videos that Alison had stolen. What was on them that made Melissa so upset? We’ve never properly found out, but we wonder if they didn’t include footage of Melissa and her twin sister together. If Ali had proof of the secret the Hastings had been trying to keep for years, to what lengths would Melissa go to continue to keep that secret? Would she try to kill Alison? Would she categorize it as from a place of love?

Do you think Melissa has a twin? Why or why not? Share your theories in the comments below!

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