Pretty Little Liars Speculation: Mike Montgomery Knows Ali Is Alive
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Speculation: Mike Montgomery Knows Ali Is Alive

On Pretty Little Liars, there’s no shortage of mysterious characters residing in the Rosewood community. Near the middle-ish top of the list is Mike Montgomery (Cody Allen Christian), aka Aria’s little brother. Little brother is a sneaky sort, prone to bad moods and secret-keeping. Could one of those secrets be the fact that Alison DiLaurentis is still alive? We speculate below.

We’ve always been suspicious of the timing of Mike’s turn to the rebellious side. Not that teenagers acting out isn’t common and occurring for reasons other than having to keep the burden of your sister’s bestie’s fake-death a secret (like one’s parents divorcing), but we’re guessing that sort of situation could result in some very extreme reactions. In Season 2, Mike goes a bit off the deepend, breaking into neighbors’ homes and lashing out at his family. In PLL time, this would have been somewhat shortly after the discovery of Ali’s “body” in the pilot. Did Mike finally crack under the pressure of having to keep Ali’s non-death a secret? Or was it something that sent this teenager into some pretty dark places?

Speaking of dark places, Mike broke into both Emily and Jason’s homes. At the time, we thought he might just be picking nearby cribs or even working for the “A” Team but, now, we think Alison may have sent him into those homes specifically. These are two of the people Alison arguably loves the most. Could Mike’s brief stint as a teenaged burglar have had something to do with Ali?

Aria’s family was pretty unsupportive of her relationship with Ezra, but Mike took it to the next level by punching his sister’s teacher/boyfriend in the gob. He told Aria that he did this so Aria’s dad wouldn’t which actually made a strange sort of sense but now we’re not so sure. If Mike is on Team Ali, that punch probably would have been hard not to throw. Right now, it seems that Ezra is the reason Ali had to fake her death and skip town. If Mike were the only one who was in on the secret and had the opportunity to take “A” down a notch, we understood why he would want to take it.

It’s still somewhat unclear what Mike was up to when he was disappearing from lacrosse practice and the basketball course. Sure, there was reference to him hanging out with Noel Kahn and the aforementioned burglaries, but does that account for all of his disappearances not to mention his absence for all of Season 3. Could Mike have been meeting up with Alison in secret? He certainly had the time and apparent lack of parental supervision to get away with it.

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