Pretty Little Liars Speculation: Mona Helped Ali Fake Her Death
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Pretty Little Liars Speculation: Mona Helped Ali Fake Her Death

We’ve spent the Pretty Little Liars Season 4 hiatus speculating about how resident mean girl Alison DiLaurentis (Sasha Pieterse) specifically, did she do it alone? We’ve explored the possibilities that CeCe, Spencer, or Jason might have been in on the ruse, but what about the Original “A” herself? Here are some clues Mona (Janel Parrish) helped Ali fake her death.

One of the ways Mona knew oh-so-many secrets as the Original “A” was because she was in possession of Ali’s diaries in both paper and ebook form. Initially, we assumed that she had somehow stolen them, but now that we know Alison planned her fake death, we’re not so sure. We learn in a flashback that Alison was keeping those diaries so that Spencer could figure everything out after she was gone, but what if she looped Mona in on the fake death ruse instead? It would be uncharacteristic, but Spencer and Ali got into a big fight the night of Ali’s disappearance. Did Alison have to make a change of plans? How else would Mona have gotten the all-important diaries?

After Mona’s fall from “A”-dom, she becomes a part of the “A” Team in Season 3. She later tells the Liars that she was visited in Radley by Red Coat, who have her missions and help sneaking out of Radley. Mona also claimed that Red Coat was wearing a mask and she never knew her identity, but we find that hard to believe. We think it is more likely that Mona was lying about know who Red Coat is because she was protecting Alison’s secret.

In Season 3, we were all weirded out by the friendship between Jason and Mona. Now, we’re wondering if it didn’t have something to do with a Mona/Ali alliance. Might Mona have been checking in on Jason per the request of his little sister who couldn’t do it himself?

Nerdy Mona flashback

Pretty Little Liars Speculation: Mona Helped Ali Fake Her Death
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Good news, PLLers! We have a “nerdy Mona” flashback scene to look forward to in the Season 4 finale. It is part of an Ali/Mona scene that was hailed by showrunner Marlene King as “an epic scene for the season of Answers.” This certainly implies that Ali and Mona had some sort of discussion before Alison disappeared that will give us an explanation for Ali’s subsequent life-on-the-run. It also implies that Mona knew about it before Ali disappeared.

Do you think Mona helped Alison fake her death? Why or why not? Share your theories in the comments below!

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