Pretty Little Liars Speculation: Mona Has a Twin
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Speculation: Mona Has a Twin

You know how much we love our Pretty Little Liars twin theories around here. What can we say — this show drops too many hints not to speculate which character might have a doppelganger running around town. With the recent death of Mona (Janel Parrish) in the Season 5 summer finale, we’ve shifted our twin-theory focus from Alison to the former “A”. Could Mona have a twin?

Janel is still a regular. Though Janel has confirmed her death on the show, she has also confirmed she will remain a series regular, appearing in flashbacks moving forward. We don’t buy it. This show doesn’t have that may flashbacks. Could this be another false confirmation from the cast and crew? They’ve done it before — confirming that Toby and Ezra were “A,” which obviously turned out to be false in both cases. They’ll say anything to maintain the show’s suspense and surprises. (And, actually, we’re OK with the lying in interviews. We like surprises.)

Tammin Sursok confirmed someone has a twin. Earlier this year, Tammin Sursok (aka Jenna) went on an Australian talk show and confirmed that someone on PLL has a twin sister.

The person with the body had dark, curly hair. If you look more closely at the hoodie-wearing figure replacing Baby Jesus with Doll Mona at the end of the summer finale, then you’ll notice she seems to have dark, curly hair. Given that we see Mona’s lifeless corpse in the same scene, this person can’t be Mona. But it could be her twin.

Mona’s mother. It seemed a strange choice on the part of PLL to introduce Mona’s mother in the same episode Mona dies. What’s the point of having Mrs. Vanderwaal as a character if we’re never going to see her again? Sure, she could be a presence in flashbacks. Or... she could be an integral part moving forward, especially if she has another daughter causing chaos around Rosewood.

Mona’s meeting with Alison. With everything’s that gone down this summer season, it’s easy to forget the glimpse we got of Mona and Alison clandestinely meeting up while Hanna got her new ‘do. At the time, we found this rendezvous very strange, since Ali and Mona have been at intense odds since Ali’s return to town. What if it wasn’t Mona who Ali was meeting up with, but rather Mona’s twin? Could they be in this together?

Do you think Mona has a twin? Why or why not? Share your theories in the comments below!

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