Pretty Little Liars Speculation: Are Red Coat and Big “A” Definitely the Same Person?
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Pretty Little Liars Speculation: Are Red Coat and Big “A” Definitely the Same Person?

According to Mona, the person known as Red Coat took over the "A" team after Mona was sent to Radley, which would make Red Coat the same as the person fandom calls Big "A", AKA the head of the "A" team. Simple enough, right? However, this is Pretty Little Liars, which means fans are constantly questioning everything, and these days fans are starting to wonder if these two figures are more than one person.

While this seems like an out-there theory, it might not be so bizarre when you give it a second glance. Assuming Mona is telling the truth (big assumption), she thinks Big "A" and Red Coat are one in the same. However, we really have no idea how big the "A" team is, and it's possible there were another set of black-hooded baddies running around doing Big "A"'s bidding while Mona was listening to Red Coat.

Why do people think this is a possibility? Well, for one thing it would help reconcile "A"'s apparently contradictory nature. We know Red Coat saved the Liars from the fire, and in general "A" sometimes helps them, only to turn around and hurt them again. A cat playing with it's mouse? That's the probable explanation, but the answer could be more complex. Perhaps Red Coat is actually looking out for the Liars in his/her own way.

Also, according to Mona, Red Coat didn't come into play until Radley, but we all know Ali had an "A" herself back in the day. Perhaps that's Big "A"...

We're not particularly convinced of this theory, but in Rosewood everything's worth pondering. What do you think: Does this idea have legs, or are Red Coat and Big "A" definitely one and the same?

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08.23.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Rebecca Martin
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