The Vampire Diaries Speculation: Who Will Be the Villain in Season 6?
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The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries Speculation: Who Will Be the Villain in Season 6?

The Vampire Diaries is at its best when it has a good villain, especially when that villain is also someone we care about. With the major reset that was the Season 5 finale, we’re eager to see what TVD’s new villain will look like when it returns for Season 6. The Season 5 villains were underwhelming, but we have high hopes for the upcoming season. Who will be the villain in TVD Season 6? We speculate below!

Enzo. Since his introduction, Enzo has toed the line between villain and fang gang ally, a common trope on this show. Will he become a full-on villain in Season 6? Frankly, we’re not sure if he has the proper motivation. Damon, the person who he was trying to punish, is seemingly dead. Could that pain and the pain still surrounding Maggie’s send Enzo into another tailspin? We’ll have to wait and see.

Elena. There’s a part of us that is always pulling for a Elena-turned-evil storyline to happen. The show dabbled with it in Season 4 following Jeremy’s death, and it gave Nina Dobrev some excellent material to work with and, frankly, made Elena a lot more fun. Who knows how Damon and Bonnie’s “deaths” have affected Elena, but we’d be more than happy to see Elena turn villain — at least for a little while. We’re not sure if the Delena relationship could take another “I’m villainous without you” hit, but it would provide some terrible symmetry for Damon’s story arc in Season 5.

Katherine. Please, show? Please. We know she was sucked into some Vortex of Doom and is gone forever, but maybe don’t do that? As much as we hate to mess with any deaths this show actually deems final (if those even exist), Katherine is one of our favorite characters, and she does make such a good villain. Thanks!

Tessa. We actually really liked Tessa. We weren’t really invested in the whole Silas/Tessa/Amara feud, but as a character, Tessa both amused and frightened us, two reactions we love to have to our villains. Tessa was suspiciously absent from the collapse of the Other Side, especially considering she was the one who created the supernatural purgatory. Given her inside knowledge of the realm, might she have found a way to escape before its collapse? If so, we’d be willing to entertain the possibility of Tessa as a Season 6 villain.

A new character. TVD hasn’t had the best luck with the new character villains as of late, but we have enough faith that this show still knows how to create a badass, compelling villain to give it a break about the whole Markos thing. We’re not even picky about where this villain comes from: another evil Whitmore College professor, a non-supernatural Mystic Falls resident determined to keep magic out of her town at all costs, etc. Surprise us, TVD!

Who do you think the villain will be in Season 6? Who do you want it to be? Sound off in the comments below!

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