Pretty Little Liars Speculation: Was Toby’s Mom Really Murdered?
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Speculation: Was Toby’s Mom Really Murdered?

We’re suspicious of any and all deaths on Pretty Little Liars. We’ve been watching this show for far too long to believe the company line on anything. So, when Toby started investigated his mother’s alleged suicide for clues that her death may not be what it seems, we were totally on board with the theory. The show seems to be implying that Marion Cavanaugh was murdered, but there is a whole host of alternate possible PLL-like resolutions to this storyline. Here are our top three:

She’s secretly alive.

On any other show, the prospect that Toby’s mother is secretly alive would seem ludicrous, but PLL is a series that regularly plays with the fact that the death that started it all (Alison’s murder) was somehow faked. The reveal that Toby’s mother somehow and for some reason faked her death would be shocking, but not unbelievable. Marion would have had to have a seriously good reason for pretending to be dead for so long. From what we know of Marion, if Toby’s life depended on it, we could see Marion going along with a faked death. Or, perhaps, Marion needed to get away for some other reason. If Alison did in fact fake her death, maybe she got the idea from Marion?

She did commit suicide, and “A” is just messing with Toby.

“A”’s manipulations know no bounds. Using Toby’s mother’s suicide as a way to manipulate him into doing things for her? In “A”’s eyes, that’s not cruel - it’s clever. Toby used to work for the “A” Team because he thought he could help keep Spence safe, but now that this logic has apparently failed, “A” needs another way to keep Toby on board. There’s definitely a solid chance that Marion actually did commit suicide and “A” is creating mystery around the tragedy in order to control Toby. It wouldn’t be the most dramatic resolution, but it’s a good game plan - and “A” is nothing if not a master strategist.

She fell, and it was a covered up by Radley with Wilden's help.

The reveal that Wilden changed the official police report for Marion Cavanaugh’s death definitely threw us for a loop. Nurse Eddie Lamb claims Toby’s mom originally fell/jumped/was pushed from the roof, not the window that was listed on the police report. Wilden was covering for someone, and we had assumed he was covering for a murder - but what if this started more innocuously than that. Could Marion’s death have been an accident that was covered up to avoid trouble? If so, what reasons did Wilden have for going along with it? Was he paid off, or does he have a greater connection to Radley that we don’t know about?

Do you think Marion Cavanaugh was murdered or do you think there is a different mystery behind her “death”? Share your theories in the comments below!

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