Pretty Little Liars Speculation: Was Ezra Framed?
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Speculation: Was Ezra Framed?

On Pretty Little Liars, we tend to treat characters as guilty of being on the “A” Team until proven innocent, but we’re willing to do a little leg work to get Ezra (Ian Harding) off of the hook. If there’s a chance that Mr. Fitz could have been framed in the “A” game, then we’re going to find it. Here are three reasons we think Ezra could have been set up.

Ezra’s Anger

When Ezra storms into “A”’s lair at the end of the Season 4 summer finale, it's easy to assume that his anger stems from the Liars having found his lair but what if it is because he knows he's been framed as “A”? We admit that the vengeful punch of the wall looks bad, but as long as his motivation for furious frustration is vague we can’t fully react to that scene, or Ezra’s alleged guilt.

The Watching Eyes

When the Liars find the lair, there is a set of eyes peering through the wall into the lair at them. Having a way to spy on your super secret spying headquarters doesn’t make a lot of sense unless the entire lair was a set-up, and the real “A” wanted to witness both the Liars’ reaction to it (to make sure everything went according to plan) and Ezra’s reaction to knowing he was set up (to revel in her victory).

“A” Cleverness

Maybe we’re giving “A” too much credit here, but we can’t help but think she would be too clever to leave her lair unprotected. Or, if she did, she'd plant pictures of herself on her wall of surveillance to throw uninvited guests off her trail. Alternatively, we wonder if the Liars’ discovery of the lair was planned. Rarely anything on this show happens that isn’t carefully constructed by “A” and we think the Liars’ discovery of the lair could be just another example of her careful manipulations, i.e. as part of her plan to frame Ezra for her machinations.

Do you think Ezra was framed? Why or why not? Sound off in the comments below!

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