Pretty Little Liars Speculation: Were Two People in Mona’s House?
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Pretty Little Liars Speculation: Were Two People in Mona’s House?

In the wake of the Pretty Little Liars Season 5 summer finale, fans have been working overtime to collect clues regarding the murder of Mona (Janel Parrish). One of the more prevalent theories out there seems to be the speculation that there were two blond-haired intruders in Mona’s house right before her murder — and we have to admit the theory holds some weight. Here’s the evidence:

The hair styles. As visually pointed out by many a Tumblr user — including this one — two different shots of a black hoodie-wearing blond person skulking around Mona’s house seem to be of two different people. Their respective hair lengths appear to differ — one’s is much longer than the other’s. So, what gives? Trick of the light or evidence that there were two different people in Mona’s house?

Could Ali have been framed? A possible explanation for this discrepancy could be the parallel theory that someone is trying to frame Ali for Mona’s murder — and is doing a pretty good job. The Liars believe it! Did “A” — or even Mona herself — lure Alison to Mona’s house so that she would be convicted of the crime?

We particularly like the idea of Mona having faked her own death — not only because that would mean Mona is still alive, but because there is some evidence to back it up. Mona had motive, planted the idea of Ali’s culpability in the Liars’ minds, has faked someone’s death (i.e. Ali’s) before, and was the one who placed the call to Aria, thereby summoning the Liars over to the house to discover the crime scene.

The twin theory. Another possible explanation lies with the ever-popular twin theory. If Alison does have a twin (or an older sister), then both of them could have been at Mona’s that day and looked almost identical — save for their slightly different hair styles. Might Mona have even found evidence of Ali having a twin? Could Alison have been there to stop her twin from doing the unthinkable, only to realize she was too late?

Do you think there were two different people in Mona’s house when her murder went down? Why or why not? Sound off in the comments below!

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