Game of Thrones Speculation: What’s the “Big Change” for Sansa?
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Game of Thrones Speculation: What’s the “Big Change” for Sansa?

We’ve seen Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner) go through a number of changes over the course of Game of Thrones first four seasons. She’s gone from naive and annoying little girl to tragic victim to budding manipulator, but it sounds like Sansa has an even bigger change on the horizon for Season 5. So what could that be?

Sophie Turner reveals in an interview that, “There’s a big change for [Sansa] this season and there’s a few familiar faces around,” and in a separate interview she also says that Sansa will use her sexuality to manipulate people in Season 5. Finally, Sansa has essentially caught up to her storyline in the published A Song of Ice and Fire books, so she’ll likely have some content from the still-unfinished next installment in the series, which is said to contain a controversial Sansa chapter. So what does this all mean?

The signs seem to point for some kind of sexual experience for Sansa. Littlefinger seems like the most obvious (and sleaziest) partner since in Sansa’s last appearance in Season 4 she seductively told Lord Baelish she knows what he wants before donning a sleek and sexy dress. Our hunch is that Sansa will seduce Littlefinger in Season 5, but do so in a way that gets Littlefinger out of the way and leaves Sansa to call her own shots, finally becoming the major power player we all need her to be.

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