Grey’s Anatomy Speculation: Which “Familiar Face” Is Coming Back?
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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Speculation: Which “Familiar Face” Is Coming Back?

Grey's Anatomy is heading into its tenth season and, like any show that has been on for such a long time, it's introduced us to a ton of great characters who eventually dropped by the wayside for one reason or another. Fortunately, just because characters are gone doesn't mean they can't ever return, and we now know that a familiar face will be back in Season 10, Episode 11.

Who could that familiar face be? The possibilities are endless, but we have five ideas about characters who could return. Some seem likely, others would just be interesting. After we share our thoughts, we want to hear your ideas in the comments!

Addison Montgomery. Given that both Kate Walsh and Shonda Rhimes have expressed interest in seeing Addison return to Grey's Anatomy for an arc now that Private Practice is over, this seems like the most obvious option, and we're not complaining. We'd love to see Addison scrub in at Greys Sloan Memorial again.

Teddy Altman. Kim Raver seemed to depart the show on good terms, so there's no reason Teddy couldn't come back for a small arc. Given that Owen will probably be struggling to move on from Cristina at this point in the season, she could be brought back to reignite/resolve the Teddy/Owen romance.

Erica Hahn. Erica and Callie's relationship fell apart because Callie wasn't yet confident in her desire to be with a woman. Obviously, that's no longer a problem. Could Erica swoop back onto the scene and catch Callie's eye again now that she and Arizona are (still) struggling? It would certainly be an interesting turn of events...

Izzie Stevens. We can't talk about returning characters without mentioning Izzue. Katherine Heigl has made it very clear that she'd be happy to return to Grey's now that her movie career is slowing down. Shonda Rhimes seems iffy on the concept, since Katherine's departure was so controversial. That said, Izzie is the character many fans most want to see again. Now that Alex might finally have found happiness with Jo, this would be an opportune time for Izzie to show up and cause drama.

Preston Burke. Some fans are speculating that Preston Burke will return for a romance with Cristina. Of course, Isaiah Washington and Grey's notoriously did not part ways well, so this option seems less likely.

Who do you think it's going to be? Who do you WANT it to be? Sound off in the comments below!

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