Pretty Little Liars Speculation: Who Is Chris Cavanaugh?
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Speculation: Who Is Chris Cavanaugh?

As we pointed out yesterday, the name "Chris Cavanaugh," or "C. Cavanaugh" has now appeared on two important documents over the course of Pretty Little Liars: the dentist sign-in sheet that "A" was seen shredding at the end of this week's episode, and the sign-in sheet for the school for the blind that Jenna attended.

Who is this mysterious character who shares a last name with Toby? It's unclear. Given where his name is on the sign-in sheet, it would appear that he was a student at the school for the blind, and was signed in and out around the same time Garrett signed Jenna out on the night Ali disappeared. (Though who knows. That could be misleading.)

So, who could this mysterious figure be? We've seen a lot of theories floating around. Here are some of our favorites.

A secret relative of Toby's. Based on the last name, we can't ignore the possibility that this mysterious person is somehow related to Toby. Does he have a secret sibling? It's possible. In the Pretty Little Liars books, Alison had a twin no one knew about; maybe the writers took that concept and applied it to Toby, instead. Maybe he has a sibling (possibly even a twin) who was born blind, and has been kept at the school? Hey, that would explain how the Cavanaugh family knew to send Jenna there...

However, other than this name, we haven't really seen evidence that the Cavanaugh family is covering up this kind of secret. Isn't the mystery around Toby's mom enough?

The mystery man who knew Emily's name. Hey, remember Season 3, Episode 21 ("Out of Sight, Out of Mind") when Emily was trying to meet with Toby (who never showed) at his job, saw Red Coat, tried to follow her, and then was waylaid by someone claiming to be Toby's co-worker, who somehow knew her name? (It's OK if you don't, it was never really touched on again). Well, according to IMDB that mysterious character's name was Chris. Hmmm....

An alias. It's also very possible C. Cavanaugh is an alias another character (Ali? A member of the NAT club? "A"?) has used. Maybe it's even a member of the Cavanaugh family, such as Toby's mom (on this show, we're not positive anyone is dead...).

Nobody, we're reading too much into this. All this said, it's possible this is a moment of fan speculation gone too far. Because, as it turns out, there is a genuine coincidence this could be linked to Chris Cavanaugh is the name of a real life digital imaging technician who has worked on the show. We know the props department likes to use the names of crew members when random names are needed, so this might just be a case of a real life person just happening to share a last name with a fictional family.

What do you make of this name? Is it a big clue, or are we getting all excited over nothing? Share your theories in the comments below.

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