Pretty Little Liars Speculation: Who Is Getting Married?
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Speculation: Who Is Getting Married?

News flash! Someone is getting married in Season 4, Episode 23 of Pretty Little Liars (“Unbridled”). In the script sneak peek PLL writer Maya Goldsmith tweeted, Ashley Marin says to someone, “You are such a beautiful bride.” Who might the lucky lady in the wedding gown be?! We speculate below…

Ella Montgomery

Our big money is on Ella Montgomery, last seen jetting off to Europe with her bakery-owning boyfriend to watch him learn the art of Austrian pastries. Basically, we wouldn’t be surprised if this whirlwind romance soon evolved into a whirlwind wedding. We also hope this is the case. Ella has not had an easy time of it on PLL. The show began with Aria keeping the secret of her father’s affair with one of his students from her mother. Ella eventually found out, of course, and ended things with Byron and, we say, good riddance! Watching Ella find love with Zack was one of the subplot highlights of Season 3, and we would love to see this unconventional romance get a Rosewood wedding!

Hanna Marin

Less likely, but still in the realm of possibility is a marriage between Hanna and Caleb. These two are clearly in love, and it would explain Ashley’s exclusive spot behind-the-scene of the wedding. She would be there to tell her daughter she makes a beautiful bride (though, as much as Ashley loves Caleb, we can’t imagine her being incredibly supportive of her high school daughter’s marriage). Does Caleb’s departure to Ravenswood and subsequent separation from Hanna make these two young lovebirds realize that they want to be together for the rest of their lives? We doubt it, but it could happen…

Melissa Hastings

Melissa has been almost married a few times so far on PLL. First, she was engaged to Wren. Then, she was engaged to Ian and pregnant with his child. Could she finally be walking down the aisle? Perhaps, with Wren? In the summer finale, we learned that Wren seems to be staying with his ex-fiance in London. Did these two patch things up? We’re not sure why Ashley Marin would be at Melissa Hastings’ wedding, but the Liars have been friends for years...or perhaps, this is a town-wide event. Melissa would be one to have an epic wedding, sparing no expense.

Ashley Marin

OK, it would be kind of weird for Ashley to comment on how great she looks in her wedding dress in the second person, but she probably would make a beautiful bride, and people often drink a lot of champagne at weddings and get really giddy. Pastor Ted really proved that he loves Ashley earlier in the season, paying the exorbitant bail to get Mama Marin out of prison (though, we pretty much knew these two were smitten with one another when they wore complimentary costumes and gave out candy together last Halloween). Do these two make it official in Season 4?

Who do you think is getting married on PLL? Share your theories in the comments below!

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