Pretty Little Liars Speculation: Who Is Wren Drawing? And Why Is She Wearing a Red Coat?
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Pretty Little Liars Speculation: Who Is Wren Drawing? And Why Is She Wearing a Red Coat?

There are too many long-haired brunettes on Pretty Little Liars! That was our leading thought while watching Wren creepily color in his “feelings photo” at the end of Season 4, Episode 10: “The Mirror Has Three Faces.” Who is the brown-haired girl Wren is giving a Red Coat in the picture?

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How sick/impressive would it be if Jenna faked the whole almost-drowning thing to throw the Liars’ suspicions off of her? After last week’s attempt on Jenna life, we assumed she wasn’t Red Coat, but we reassessed our assumption after seeing Wren’s picture. We know she is friendly with Nigel Wright, the pilot who potentially flew Red Coat into Rosewood in the Season 3 finale (or at very least, changed the flight plan). On the other hand, we did see Red Coat break into the DiLaurentis house both last week and this week. If Jenna is Red Coat, she would have had to fake her almost-drowning, or she never would have been out of the hospital fast enough to crash in the DiLaurentis home.


Were we the only ones who were suspicious of Wren and Mona’s interaction in this week’s episode? On the surface, they seem to be at odds, but could that just be a ploy? We know Mona likes to speak in code. Were she and Wren having a whole other conversation during her therapy session, using the “feelings picture” as an aid? Whoever Wren was talking to on the phone, they were also involved in framing Veronica for coercing Mona into confessing to Wilden’s murder. Who better to be Wren’s partner-in-crime than Mona herself?


We try to steer clear of pointing fingers at the Liars (because we love them), but the Red Coat reveal is supposed to be shocking, and revealing that she is a Liar would certainly fit the bill. Spencer certainly has the smarts to pull off being Red Coat, and we could see her donning the mask and coat in order to protect her friends. Another possibility is that Wren is not coloring Red Coat, but the person he will frame to be Red Coat. We’re not sure how this would work, but the “A” Team has already insinuated one of the Liars into Red Coat’s role (the fake Emily in the video send to the Rosewood P.D.) Could Red Coat and company be preparing another frame job?


There are tons of theories out there positing that “A” actually stands for Aria. We’re not sure we’re ready to buy into the idea, but much like with our reasoning for Spence as a suspect we could see Aria becoming Red Coat in order to protect her friends and/or find out more about Ali’s death. The more we think about this twist, the more we’re okay with it being true. Aria hasn’t had a juicy storyline in, well, ever.

Who do you think the Red Coat-ed girl in Wren’s picture is? Share your theories in the comments below!

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