Grey’s Anatomy Speculation: Who Rats Out the Other Docs?
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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Speculation: Who Rats Out the Other Docs?

Bed-hopping is a way of life at Grey Sloan Memorial, but when Grey's Anatomy Season 10 returns in a few weeks, one doc is going to decide that enough is enough.

A new spoiler teases that "someone feels so uncomfortable with all the bed-hopping at Grey Sloan Memorial that he or she takes the information straight to HR."

We have to admit our first reaction to this was, "Wait, they have an HR department?" At this point, docs doing the nasty in the on-call room is such an ingrained part of the hospital's culture, we have a hard time imagining that changing.

Whether or not the HR report goes anywhere, we're interested to know who is suddenly so uncomfortable they feel the need to intervene. We can't imagine that it's any of the older characters — they've all been around for long enough that they must have adjusted (not to mention that they've all participated).

So, who could the tattle tale be? We've got a few theories.

Leah. Right now, Leah is our top guess. Yes, she's done her fair share of bed-hopping, but so far it's only ended in heartbreak for her, and we know she can get a bit extreme about things when she's upset.

Stephanie. In the wake of Jackson's betrayal, Steph might realize that all the sleeping around can turn a work environment sour when things go south, and we could see her going to HR.

Matthew. We're not sure if poor Matthew will stick around if April dumps him at the altar, but if he does he'd have a pretty legit reason to complain about the way the Grey Sloan docs conduct their love lives.

A new character. We know there are some new docs headed our way in the second half of the season. It would make sense for a new character to be thrown by what goes on behind closed doors at Grey Sloane.

Who do you think will go to HR? Share your theories in the comments below!

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