Pretty Little Liars Speculation: Who Was Ali’s “A”?
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Speculation: Who Was Ali’s “A”?

We’ve been operating under the assumption that Mona was the “A” responsible for texting Ali in the months before her death on Pretty Little Liars, but what if it was someone else? The “A” torch has been passed once already (from Mona to Red Coat), so who’s to say the same didn’t happen between Ali’s “A” and Mona’s “A”? Here are five guesses as to who Ali’s “A” may have been...

Ali’s Twin

Suspect No. 1 is Ali’s very own twin. In the books, her name is Courtney, and she is a long-time resident of Radley who has a tempestuous relationship with her sister (to be fair, who doesn’t?). Did Courtney regularly sneak out of Radley to play the “A” game, à la Mona? She certainly had the know-how (i.e. knew Ali well enough to exploit her fears). And we know that Radley isn’t exactly the most secure facility in Rosewood...


Alternatively, was the “Ali” the Liars knew and loved really Courtney (who broke out of Radley and switched places with her sister in the books)? If so, it could have been the real Ali who was texting Courtney in an attempt at getting back at her sister for stealing her life. It would certainly explain the “A” moniker: “A” is for Alison. And Ali would have had good reason to taunt her sister.

CeCe Drake

There certainly seems to have been no love lost between Ali and CeCe, and CeCe knew a lot about her frenemy. Did she start harassing Ali in the months before she died? We know from the last episode that CeCe dressed up as Ali, showed up at Radley, and pretended to be an unstable version of the DiLaurentis girl. This is CeCe’s idea of “a joke.” Sounds like early “A” behavior. Was CeCe the original “A”? And has she reclaimed her throne as Red Coat?

Melissa Hastings

We trust Melissa about as far as we can throw her. If she’s not “A” now, then she easily could have been before. She is cunning enough to pull it off, and she had reason to be pissed at Ali — Ali secretly dated Ian while Melissa was still involved with him. Melissa is nothing if not vindictive — even to her own sister. We can only imagine what she would do to get revenge on someone she doesn’t have family ties to.

Jenna Marshall

Jenna is another former “A” suspect with the demonstrated scheming skills and the lack of moral code necessary to be “A.” Jenna hated Ali and the Liars, whom she (justifiably) blamed for causing her blindness. Admittedly “A” started texting Ali before “the Jenna thing” happened, but it was still after Ali was a royal bitch to Jenna (and, presumably, after Ali and Toby were friends). Did Jenna start as “A” as a way to put Ali in her place, but — after “the Jenna thing” — upped her “A” antics to the next vengeful level?

Who do you think was Ali’s “A”? Share your theories in the comments below!  

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