Pretty Little Liars Speculation: Who Will “A” Target in Season 5?
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Speculation: Who Will “A” Target in Season 5?

We pretty much assume that “A” is after everyone in Rosewood at all times, but she does tend to switch up her focus on Pretty Little Liars. With the game-changer that is Ali’s return to Rosewood, who will be “A”’s chief targets in Season 5? We speculate below!

Ali’s family. With Ali back in town, what is “A”’s next move? The villain can’t just take her out — that’s not really her style, nor would it make for a very interesting season in the long term. This is why we’re worried about Mr. DiLaurentis and Jason. Sure, they probably have tons of issues built up from before Ali’s disappearance, but that doesn’t mean Ali doesn’t love them. We think “A” is totally going to go after them in Season 5. Watch out, J! We don’t know what we’d do without your finely chiseled abs.

Ezra. Ezra, Ezra, Ezra. We think you may have moved yourself up “A’s” hitlist with that stunt you pulled in the Season 4 finale. We also think one of the show’s chief attempts to ingratiate you to viewers — and Aria — after your betrayal will be to make you a victim.

Noel. Will Noel be targeted for helping Ali? We kind of hope so because that would mean we’d get to see more of this character in the upcoming season. Noel seriously piqued our interest as a character in the Season 4 finale when we discovered that he has been helping Alison. What’s the deal with that? “A” should target him and then maybe we’ll find out.

Shana. Speaking of people close to Alison, we’re kind of worried about Shana. Sure, she got the heck out of dodge when “A” threatened her life, but we’ve come to equate “leaving town” with “actually having been dead, but no one has noticed because you skipped town.” (R.I.P. Maya.) As a childhood friend of Ali’s, Shana could be used against the former mean girl — that is, if she’s not dead already.

The Liars. Obviously.

Who do you think “A” will especially target in Season 5? Share your theories in the comments below!

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