Pretty Little Liars Speculation: Who Will Woo Spencer in Season 4?
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Speculation: Who Will Woo Spencer in Season 4?

Sure, Spencer and Toby have their problems, but we were still surprised to hear from Oliver Goldstick that there will be a competition for Spencer’s (Troian Bellisario) affections in Season 4. After all, Spoby seems to be going pretty strong right now. Will Toby’s secrets drive Spence away? And, if so, who might have a chance with Pretty Little Liarsbrainy beauty? We speculate below!


Wren (Julian Morris) probably has the best chances of worming his way into our Spencer’s heart because he’s already been there. Okay, maybe Spence has never loved Wren, but she’s always been attracted to him (and who wouldn’t be?). Wren has been a constant (and somewhat suspicious) presence in Spence’s life. Just last season, he was there for Spence as she battled post-Toby depression. If Toby continues to lie to Spencer, it’s not so hard to believe that these two could get together, or at least share another moment or two. Wren does have a knack for showing up just when Spencer is looking for someone to comfort her...


We love Andrew (Brandon W. Jones), the nerdy academic decathlon hunk who calls Spencer out when she needs it. He’s like a male version of Spence. These two have a ton in common (their quest for achievement), and Andrew genuinely seems to care about Spence. One of the highlights of Spence’s downward spiral last season was her strip trivia game with Andrew. We wouldn’t mind seeing a bit more of him around...

Gas Station Guy

Word on the street is PLL is casting for Travis, a high school-aged gas station employee who possesses a ‘reserved and rugged’ quality and a ‘solid and moral’ center.” Sounds like love interest material to us. Could Spence be the Liar who catches his attention? He fits Spence’s boyfriend profile of “guys who would upset my snobby parents.” Seriously: whether by coincidence or a subconscious desire to frustrate her family, Spence always seems to go for guys her parents don’t approve of. Travis’ job at the gas station probably qualifies him for this not-so-elite group.


Speaking of boys the Hastings don’t approve of, remember Spencer’s fling with Alex, the country club employee played by Diego Boneta? We had the feeling that this could have gotten serious if “A” didn’t sabotage their nascent relationship. Spence has moved on (and so have we), but we wonder what kind of tension it would create if Alex popped back up in Rosewood again? Would Spencer still have feeling for him? (Unfortunately, Diego Boneta's thriving movie career probably makes this theory a no go, but it would be interesting.)

Who do you think will battle for Spencer’s affections in Season 4? Do you think they have a chance, or will she always chose Toby? Let us know in the comments below!

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