Ravenswood Speculation: Why Didn’t All Five Teens Die?
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Ravenswood Speculation: Why Didn’t All Five Teens Die?

Ravenswood clearly isn't afraid to go for broke, what with the whole killing off the main character in Episode 2 thing. That said, while Miranda has certainly suffered on her quest to reconnect with her family, as a whole our five protagonists seem to have gotten off easy — at least so far.

After all, the premise of the show is that there is a repeating curse, or cycle, or whatever you want to call it, throughout the history of Ravenswood. First, a lone soldier will miraculously return to town after everyone else in their unit was killed, and soon after comes the untimely death of five teens. As far as the show has suggested, in the past, all five unfortunate teens have died at once.

History seemed to be repeating itself once again in the Ravenswood pilot. Remy's mom was the returning soldier, and Miranda, Caleb, Luke, Olivia, and Remy were all in a car crash. But then something changed: Only Miranda was killed.

Why the sudden difference? At this point, it's too early to really know, but we have a few theories.

The universe "blinked." This is the the theory that Remy put forward — the universe just plain screwed up its cosmic balancing act this time around. This would certainly fit with the Final Destination-esque plot that seems to be developing, where barbells and car windows have started attacking our protagonists in an apparent attempt to set the scales straight. That said, we don't find this answer very satisfying. Is there really nothing special about these kids other than sheer dumb luck?

Modern technology has outpaced ancient curses. One concept we love on supernatural shows is that sometimes modern tech outpaces the forces of magic and mysticism. Perhaps the curse wasn't counting on modern safety measures in cars and the speed and quality of the medical care the kids received.

There's something special about these kids. The show is still very young, and if it's successful it will theoretically have to sustain its premise for a long time. We have a feeling there are a lot of secrets that have yet to unfold about our protagonists, and the question of why the curse acted differently on them may be interwoven with future revelations.

Why do you think the curse seems to have hit a roadblock? Did the universe really just "blink," or is something else going on here? Share your theories in the comments below!

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11.5.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Rebecca Martin
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