Pretty Little Liars Speculation: Why Are Hanna and Emily Visiting Ravenswood?
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Pretty Little Liars Speculation: Why Are Hanna and Emily Visiting Ravenswood?

News that Hanna (Ashley Benson) and Emily (Shay Mitchell) will be schlepping it all the way over to Ravenswood for guest appearances has us excited and intrigued - especially given that it is both Liars and not just Hanna, who obviously has reason to visit the town in Caleb (Tyler Blackburn). Why exactly are the Pretty Little Liars visiting Ravenswood? We speculate below!

To visit Caleb

Let’s get the obvious one right out of the way. This visit has to be at least partially-motivated by Hanna’s desire to see her boyfriend, right? Tyler told Wetpaint Entertainment that Hanna and Caleb don't necessarily break up with his move to Ravenswood, so the Ravenswood trip could just be a social call. It seems strange that Emily would come along, but maybe Hanna doesn’t want to make the drive herself? She seems like she might be a finicky driver.

To break-up with Caleb

...Or maybe Ems is there for moral support. Long-distance is tricky. Rosewood and Ravenswood don’t seem to be too far apart, but Hanna and Caleb will be living in separate towns with separate lives. Is the separation too much for Hanna? Would she rather put the relationship on hold while they can’t be together? Is this Ravenswood trip a way to break the news to Caleb in person?

To visit Mrs. Grunwald

The town of Ravenswood seems connected to the “A” mystery in some way. In Season 4, Episode 6: “Under the Gun,” Spencer and Toby went there to find out what they could about the mysterious Mrs. Grunwald and her possible connection to Ali. Mrs. Grunwald was less than helpful, essentially playing dumb. Are Emily and Hanna taking another crack at her? Was Mrs. Grunwald the person Ali was calling in that room at the Cicero College sorority house?

To follow Shana

When Spencer and Toby visited Ravenswood, they saw our favorite costume shop employee: Shana. Shana didn’t see them, and Spoby left town before they could question and/or follow her, but she obviously has a connection to the town. Might Emily and Hanna visit Ravenswood whilst in pursuit of Shana? Either way, we doubt this is the last we see of Shana in Ravenswood.

To get their hair done

When we met Mrs. Grunwald, she had an awesome ‘do. You think those intricate updos happen naturally? No way! That Ravenswood beauty parlor is obviously a happening place. Not only can you sit with the other patrons under those old school salon hair dryers like you’re an extra in Invasion of the Body Snatchers, but you can also peruse the salon’s selection of old, creepy photos while you wait. Who wouldn’t drive hours for this experience?

Why do you think Hanna and Emily are going to Ravenswood? Share your theories in the comments below!

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