Pretty Little Liars Speculation: Will Aria and Ezra Get Back Together in the Finale?
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Speculation: Will Aria and Ezra Get Back Together in the Finale?

This half-season of Pretty Little Liars has been one of tenuous reconciliation for Ezria. After last season’s discovery that Ezra (Ian Harding) had been researching Aria (Lucy Hale) and the other girls for a book he planned to write about Ali’s disappearance, we didn’t think these two would ever get back together. But, PLL seems intent to prove us wrong. With Aria’s “slip” earlier in the season and Ezra’s winning back of the other Liars’ trust, the stage is set for an Ezria reunion. And we think it will happen in the summer finale!

Here are four reasons why.

1. This promo. Guess who’s getting snuggly in the Canadian promo for Season 5, Episode 12 (“Taking This One to the Grave”)? If you guessed Ezria, then you would be right. There is a quick shot of Ezra embracing Aria. Sure, it’s one of comfort more than romance, as it seems like it happens outside the scene of the teased murder, but we still think this is a major clue that these two may be reconciling for real in the summer finale.

2. Baking together. The couple that bakes together, stays together! Or something like that. In this promo photo for Tuesday’s episode, we see Ezra and Aria making some kind of pumpkin baked good in Ezra’s apartment. It’s all extremely domestic. Aria’s even wearing an apron.

3. Pie time. If you’re thinking, “Hey, didn’t Aria’s last ‘slip’ concerning Ezra happen over baked goods?” then you would be incredibly astute, dear reader. Pie is quickly becoming Ezria’s thing. Executive producer Marlene King told E! Online, "Well I can hint that there are two pie episodes in the summer season that involve Ezria. After the 100th episode they have one more pie-sharing experience." Guess who’s showing up to Aria’s house with pie in this promo photo? This is a big deal, Aria inviting Ezra over.

4. Aria’s arrest? We’re not sure who’s getting arrested in the summer finale, but there’s a good chance it will be Aria, who started the season by killing Shana in self-defense. With stuff about to hit the fan, Aria’s going to need support more than ever and we think she may turn to Ezra (amongst others) for more snuggly embraces.

Do you think Ezria will get back together in the summer finale? How would you feel about their reconciliation? Sound off in the comments below!

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