The Vampire Diaries Speculation: Will Elena Break Her Promise to Damon?
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The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries Speculation: Will Elena Break Her Promise to Damon?

In Season 5, Episode 2 (“True Lies”) of The Vampire Diaries, Elena (Nina Dobrev) promised Damon (Ian Somerhalder) that, even after they found Stefan (Paul Wesley), she would still be in love with only Damon. We want to believe her, but we can’t help worry about Damon’s marshmallow heart. Will Elena break her promise to Damon? We speculate below.

The dreams

This promise was prompted by Damon’s comment that, as he is a secure boyfriend, he’s not worried that his girlfriend is having dreams about her ex-boyfriend. We appreciate his show of (false?) confidence, but we’re not so sure. Elena’s dreams imply that she has some kind of psychic, intense connection with Stefan. We’ve never heard of anything like that in the TVD universe before. Could this be a sign that these two are meant to be together?

On the other hand, Elena was having these dreams throughout the summer, aka the entire time she was happily in love with Damon. If the dreams were the product of some kind of undying love between Stelena, you’d think they would have given Elena some pause in her relationship with Damon. Otherwise, what kind of soul mate dreams are they?

The Vampire Diaries Speculation: Will Elena Break Her Promise to Damon?
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The doppelganger club

The dreams are actually probably related to the fact that both Stefan and Elena are doppelganger, as according to the official synopsis for Season 5, Episode 3 (“Original Sin”) Katherine is getting them, too. Though this would undermine the soul mate dreams theory, it does mean that Stefan and Elena share something very intense in common: their doppelganger status. Being in a relationship isn’t all about having things in common, but it certainly can make finding conversation topics easier and, having someone understand your doppelgangerdom has got to be a plus.

The episode title

Episode 3 was titled “True Lies,” which worries us in the context of Elena’s promise. Now, the title may sound like an oxymoron, but could also be interpreted as a “believing a lie” situation, i.e. Elena truly believes that what she is telling Damon that she will love him regardless of Stefan’s discovery is the truth, but it will be proven as a lie once her feelings change. Elena’s not the type to lie about her emotions. She was honest with Stefan about her feelings for Damon, even though she still cared for Stefan and knew it would hurt him. Therefore, if Elena does break her promise to Damon, we think it will happen in a scenario like this, i.e. Elena slowly falling for Stefan again.

The Vampire Diaries Speculation: Will Elena Break Her Promise to Damon?
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The love triangle structure

Regardless of how character motivation and development exactly happens to see Elena torn between Stefan and Damon again, we think it will eventually happen, even if she doesn’t fall out of love with Damon. After all, this show is built around the structure of a love triangle, of one girl torn between two brothers. To change that is to change the very fabric of the show, and we don’t think the TVD Powers That Be have any intention of doing that. Therefore, we think it’s only a matter of time before Elena breaks her promise to Damon. Maybe it won’t happen for a season, or even a couple of seasons, but it seems inevitable as long as Stefan and Damon are both in Elena’s life.

Do you think Elena will break her promise to Damon? Why or why not? Share your theories in the comments below!

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