Pretty Little Liars Speculation: Will “A” Frame the Liars for Mrs. DiLaurentis’ Death?
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Speculation: Will “A” Frame the Liars for Mrs. DiLaurentis’ Death?

Pretty Little Liars’ “A” may not be predictable enough to catch, but she certainly has a signature style. One of the plays in her playbook involves framing the Liars for crimes they didn’t commit, and the blackmailing them into obeying her commands with her fabricated yet incriminating evidence. With Mrs. DiLaurentis’ murder in the Season 4 finale, we can’t help but wonder if “A” won’t pull the same scam again. Will “A” frame the Liars for Mrs. D.’s death?

“A” Likes to Kill Two Birds (or People) With One Stone

“A” is nothing if not a consummate professional. You think she could pull off an operation of this size without planning everything out to the tiniest detail? We doubt “A” would have killed Mrs. D. without a plan, and framing the Liars for Mrs. D.’s murder kills two birds with one stone another one of “A”’s specialties.

She Doesn’t Have Anything Else on the Liars

Sure, threatening the Liars’ loved ones works well enough, but isn’t it so much more exciting when “A” is holding the Liars’ own secrets over their heads? There’s something slightly poetic about giving someone else ammunition to use against you that is shaped by your own mistakes. After four seasons, “A” is definitely running out of secrets to hold over the Liars which is why she needs to start fabricating her own.

Mrs. D. Is Still Missing

We know from the synopsis for Season 5, Episode 2 that Mrs. D. will still be missing in the second episode aka the ep when the Liars have officially returned to Rosewood. Is “A” waiting to reveal Mrs. D.’s death until the Liars are back in town? Sure, forensics should be able to prove the time of Mrs. D.’s death as occurring when the Liars were out of town, but “A” has a way of tampering with official reports. Not to mention that this is likely the same forensic team that ruled Ali dead, so…

The Town Already Distrusts Them

We doubt “A” will even have to work that hard to frame the Liars for murder. We can only imagine what these group of friends look like from the outside. They are constantly stressed, constantly whispering, and constantly linked to murders. Sure, we know they are victims of the “A” game, but the good people of Rosewood don’t have the same inside information do. Will framing the Liars for murder be “A”’s ultimate punishment?

Do you think “A” will frame the Liars for Mrs. D.’s murder? Sound off in the comments below!

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