Pretty Little Liars Speculation: Will Jason Return to Rosewood?
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Speculation: Will Jason Return to Rosewood?

Apparently, Jason (Drew Van Acker) is “far from Rosewood,” potentially fixing up Grandma DiLaurentis’s place, if Mrs. DiLaurentis is to be believed (which is kind of a big "if"). But will Ali’s big brother/Spence’s half-brother stay away forever? We speculate on Jason’s Pretty Little Liars future below.

What we know so far...

Last time we saw J, he was slipping clandestinely out of his hospital bed after surviving a freak elevator “accident.” We now know that Jason did, in fact, leave the hospital of his own free will, which means he is probably alive and well and definitely not the yet-to-be-identified body found in the Rosewood forest. When he disappeared, Jason was also under the illusion that Wilden got Ali pregnant the summer he went missing. Could he have had something to do with the detective’s death?

Reasons to stay away

We could write a tome about the many reasons everyone should stay well on the other side of Rosewood’s town line, but this is particularly true for Jason. Not only did someone recently try to kill him, but his friends from the N.A.T. Club are getting picked off one-by-one. And, as Jenna put it, anyone who saw Ali the night of her murder is ending up dead. Add a potential murder charge to the mix (if Jason really did have something to do with Wilden’s death), and Rosewood is pretty much the last place Jason should be.

Reasons to return

On the other hand, Rosewood is home for Jason. It may hold a lot of terrible memories (and a few enemies), but it also holds most of the people he loves. Spencer and Melissa are the only siblings Jason has left (barring any faked death and/or twin plot twists), and now his mother has moved back to town, as well. And if he’s thinking romantic prospects, Aria — with whom he once shared a kiss — may have kissed Ezra, but after she finds out her dream man is potentially the psycho stalker that's been harassing her and her friends, she may want a break. There’s also the question of Ali’s murder, which Jason is desperate to solve. If he is ever going to find out what happened to his little sister, he’s probably going to have to return to Rosewood eventually.


We think Jason is definitely coming back to Rosewood. Despite the danger, he won’t be able to move on (and neither will we) until he knows what really happened to Ali. We also have high hopes for the Jason-Spencer relationship. They both kind of got the short end of the stick when it comes to siblings. Finding each other meant getting the sibling they both deserve!

When will this happen? Well, there’s been nothing specific on our spoiler radar about Jason’s return, besides that it won’t happen “right away.” We think it could eventually tie in with Mrs. D’s Season 4 storyline (which, so far, involves a lot of unsettling people and making references to Hanna’s former chubbiness). Or maybe he really does have something to do with this Wilden being dead business. Sure, Travis could have seen Cece, but something tells us this was a two-man job.

Do you think Jason will return to Rosewood? When, and for what reason? Do you think he had anything to do with Wilden’s death? Let us know in the comments below!

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