Pretty Little Liars Speculation: Will Lucas Die?
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Speculation: Will Lucas Die?

Have you seen the promo for next week’s Pretty Little Liars summer finale?! It has Holbrook declaring a Rosewood home the scene of a murder, and the Liars reacting with sad-like feels — especially Hanna (Ashley Benson). Will her friend Lucas (Brendan Robinson) die? Here are the reasons we're worried about him.

He returned this season to die? PLL loves to kill off its supporting cast, but — to do so — they need to be around and part of the storyline. Until his reappearance at the beginning of this season, we’d seen neither hide nor hair of our friendly neighborhood Lucas for more than a season. So, why bring him back now? It’s like the TV equivalent of fattening up a lamb for slaughter. You give Lucas some storylines, make us remember that his character exists, etc., only to tear him back away with his murder. This is Killing Off Characters 101: Make us care before murder.

Hanna was especially upset. We mentioned this in our intro, but we think it bears repeating. If Lucas is the potential victim in question, then it makes sense that Hanna would be the Liar who would be the most upset. Sure, the other Liars seemed to like Lucas well enough and, you know, care enough about human life to care when any of the their neighbors ends up dead, but Lucas has been a good friend to Hanna over the years. We can only imagine how upset she would be over Lucas’ apparent death.

He’s been part of the “A” game before. Lucas has been tied up in the “A” game for awhile. He did some of “A”’s dirty work when Mona was blackmailing him for selling test answers to other students. Who’s to say he isn’t also involved with Uber “A”?

Mona’s Army doesn’t offer much protection. If Mona is fearing for her own life, then how can she expect to protect any of the minions she has recruited? Lucas seems to be her right-hand man. If someone wants to go after Mona, would they go after Lucas?

A message to Hanna. Another possibility for why Lucas would end up dead lies with Hanna. In the promo, we see the Liars receive a text: "It's all your fault - A." Was Lucas targeted by “A” because of the Liars? If Ali is “A”, then it makes sense that she would go after Hanna in particular, as Hanna has been the least supportive of Ali’s return to Rosewood.

Do you think Lucas will die in the summer finale? Share your theories in the comments below!

Catch the next episode of Pretty Little Liars on August 26, 2014 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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