Ravenswood Speculation: Will Miranda Be “Revived” in the Winter Premiere?
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Ravenswood Speculation: Will Miranda Be “Revived” in the Winter Premiere?

We’re still giving Ravenswood props for killing off one of its main characters in the second episode, but will Miranda Collins (Nicole Gale Anderson) stay dead? We think there’s a chance, especially considering the title of the Ravenswood winter premiere (Season 1, Episode 6: “Revival”). Is Miranda getting “revived”?

Even since Miranda kicked it in Season 1, Episode 2 (“Death and the Maiden”), we’ve thought there’s a decent chance this savvy teen might find a way back to the living, and the winter premiere could be her chance. According to the official synopsis, “Fresh off his trip to Rosewood, Caleb struggles to deal with the aftermath of his brief time with Miranda on the other side.” Could part of that struggle be a determination to find a way for Miranda to come back? It seems a little far-fetched, but our Caleb is a determined sort. As for Miranda’s part in the episode, it seems she will be devoting much of her time to haunting Mrs. Grunwald. Sounds like a good plan to us. If anyone knows what’s going on in Ravenswood, it’s the pale-eyed housekeeper of Mr. Collins. Will Mrs. G. reveal a loophole in the Ravenswood Curse? Perhaps, a way to bring Miranda back from the other side?

On the other hand, “revival” has meanings outside of a literal definition of someone coming back from a dead or near-dead state. It could refer to the revival of the show itself from hiatus, or perhaps a revival of these teenager’s search for the truth. Or, most likely, the revival Caleb experienced in the fall finale that brought him back from death. There’s also Remy to consider. Ravenswood’s very own Nancy Drew will be exploring the power of her dreams in the winter premiere. According to the synopsis, “Remy realizes her dreams may be the best clue they have into understanding the pact, but she unwittingly attracts something that is determined to make sure Remy doesn’t wake up.” Yikes! Sounds like everyone of the Ravenswood Five could do with a revival. (Olivia’s needed in the form of a realization that her boyfriend, Dillon, is Team Ghost.)

Unfortunately, we don’t think it’s very likely that Miranda will be brought back after only a half-season, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have hope for her corporeal self. In the fall finale, we learnt that two Ravenswood residents sacrificed themselves in 1919 so that they might bring break the Curse and bring Original Miranda and Original Caleb back to life. The Five think they may have succeeded in our Miranda and Caleb, aka doppelgangers of the Original Miranda and Caleb who died almost one hundred years ago. But how broken is the Curse? Because Olivia, Remy, Luke, and Caleb survived (for now), will they be able to bring Miranda back? Furthermore, could someone perform a similar suicide sacrifice pulled back-in-the-day to bring our Miranda back to life (preferably actual Miranda and not another doppelganger)? We think Raymond Collins might be up to something like this. And we know he cares about his niece, even if he doesn’t demonstrate that affection in the traditional ways.

Do you think Miranda will be “revived” in the winter premiere? If not, do you think her resurrection will happen eventually on Ravenswood? Sound off in the comments below!

Tune in to watch how it plays out on January 7, 2014, right after the Pretty Little Liars winter premiere at 8 p.m. ET!

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