Pretty Little Liars Speculation: Will One of the Liars Spill Ali’s Secret?
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Speculation: Will One of the Liars Spill Ali’s Secret?

We learn in this sneak peek for the Pretty Little Liars winter premiere that the Liars have agreed to tell no one about Ali’s continued survival. A pretty good plan, given that even we’re not sure who they can and cannot trust in Rosewood. But will the Liars stick to it? We speculate below…


Unfortunately, if Aria tells anyone about Ali’s continued survival, the most likely candidate is Ezra aka the last person in the world she should tell as it looks like Ezra is the one who is after Alison. We’d like to think Aria will keep quiet her friend’s not-deadness, but these two seem to be getting close again after Ezra confided in Aria about Malcolm not being his son. Plus, we’ve seen in the Canadian promo for the episode that Ezria might be sharing a secret in the winter premiere.

Verdict: Toss-up.


We learn in the same winter premiere sneak peek that Spencer wants to talk to Jason about Ali’s survival because she thinks he might already know. The other Liars shoot the idea down, and we think Spence might actually listen. Even though she normally does whatever she wants, she isn’t the type to spill vital information to anyone even the people she loves. This is demonstrated by the fact that she has apparently been keeping her own secret from the Liars since day one.

Verdict: Mum’s the word.


We know from the winter premiere synopsis that Emily will be emotionally confused about Ali’s return, i.e. she’s not sure how to react. This makes her unpredictable. On the one hand, her feelings for Alison might ensure that she keeps her secret. On the other hand, her confusion might drive her to confide in someone the likeliest candidate: Paige.

Verdict: Toss-up.


Hanna isn’t one to keep quiet about something when she thinks the truth might help, but in this particular circumstance, we think she will. Especially given that, the only person she is likely to tell (i.e. Caleb), is spending most of his time mixed up with his own secrets in Ravenswood. From what we know about Season 4B, it seems that Hanna is throwing herself into the “A” game. We don’t think she’ll talk.

Verdict: Her lips are sealed.

Do you think on the of the Liars will spill Ali’s secret? Share your theories in the comments below!

Catch the Pretty Little Liars Season 4 winter premiere on Tuesday, January 7, 2013 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC Family.

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