Game of Thrones Speculation: Will We See More White Walkers in Season 4?
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Game of Thrones Speculation: Will We See More White Walkers in Season 4?

Over the course of Game of Thrones’ three and a half season run, the mysterious White Walkers have been seen very infrequently. In fact, it's been five appearances over 35 episodes. That’s it. So will we see more of the White Walkers again soon?

We glimpsed one in the opening scene from the pilot. We saw them twice briefly in Season 2, one taking Craster’s son in the woods, and then one leading an army to the Fist of the First Men in the Season 2 finale. In Season 3, we were treated to Sam the Slayer killing a White Walker, which was the creatures’ most significant appearance until this season. Finally, in Season 4, Episode 4 ("Oathkeeper"), we witnessed the "Night’s King" transforming a human baby into a White Walker.

Will this season bring us more?

We certainly hope so. That said, with Sam and Jon (presumably by next week) now back at the Wall, as well as our main Wildlings (Tormund, Ygritte) being south of the Wall, it seems our only chance at seeing the White Walkers again would be through Bran. Bran is heading north, to dangerous unknown territory, and Jojen has hinted that Bran has a role to play in defeating the White Walkers. Therefore, wouldn’t it make sense that he actually runs into one so he’ll know what he’s up against?

With five episodes left to go in the season, we think there is a strong chance that Bran runs into a White Walker at some point during his journey, hopefully leading to a Bran-infused Hodor vs. White Walker matchup. That would be amazing.

Do you think we'll see more White Walkers? Let us know in the comments below!

05.7.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Johnny Brayson
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