Pretty Little Liars Speculation: Wren Is the Beach Hottie
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Speculation: Wren Is the Beach Hottie

Pretty Little Liars is doing a pretty good job of convincing us that Ezra (Ian Harding) was Alison’s Board Shorts, but we’re still not sure what that means, especially given that we think Board Shorts and Beach Hottie might be two different people. If that theory is correct, Ezra is not the older guy with whom Ali had a pregnancy scare on Cape May. Shall we turn our suspicions to hottie doctor Wren Kingston (Julian Morris), then?

Why we suspect him

There are many reasons for believing that Wren might be the Beach Hottie Alison hooked up with on Cape May the summer before she disappeared and not all of them have to do with the fact that, beach-dwelling or otherwise, Wren is a total hottie. The biggest red flag: Wren’s proven penchant for younger women. Though he may have started the show on Melissa’s age-appropriate arm, he quickly made a move on her high school sister, Spencer. This is pretty questionable, and turned into a full-on habit when he later kissed Hanna in Season 3. Was Alison the first teenage girl Wren made a pass at?

Pretty Little Liars Speculation: Wren Is the Beach Hottie
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There’s also Wren’s Radley connection to consider. When the show started, he worked at the hospital, then suddenly, he was hanging at Radley all the time. Moving past the fact that he seems to be Rosewood’s only doctor, why Radley? We think he may have started working at the mental hospital to find clues about Alison’s whereabouts. Everything leads back to Radley, and Wren’s interest in the facility makes him super suspicious.

What it means for Ezra

Ezra might not be the Beach Hottie, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t know him. In Season 4B, Ezra brings Aria to the cabin he is house-sitting for his out-of-town friend. Guess who’s allegedly in London right now? These dudes are roughly the same age and could have both been in Cape May that summer. Conversely, perhaps they knew one another from school and Wren introduced Ezra to Ali following that summer. Either way, we think Ezra knows something about Alison and the Beach Hottie connection, and we think the missing link may be Wren.

So where does this leave Ezra? Well, if he does have information about Ali’s disappearance, it seems strange that he wouldn’t come forward with it. And he must have some reason for at least not telling Aria and the other Liars. Is he also a victim of “A”’s blackmail? Or, perhaps, is he under Wren’s thumb for some reason. In last night’s episode, we saw him texting someone in relation to Alison — $10 they receiver was Wren.

What it means for Alison

If Wren is Beach Hottie, then we understand why Alison might be hesitant to return to Rosewood — and why she risked it recently while Wren is allegedly out-of-town. When he is in town, Wren is seemingly everywhere. He has worked at the hospital and Radley. He’s always running into the Liars at The Brew or random bars. In Season 4A, we saw him all-out following Hanna across town in his car. Basically, he is watching Rosewood, making it unsafe for Ali’s return. We wouldn’t be surprised if Wren didn’t have minions (like Ezra?) all across Rosewood to report back in his absence.

Do you think Wren is Beach Hottie? Why or why not? Sound off in the comments below!

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