Pretty Little Liars Speculation: Wren Is Helping Ezra
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Pretty Little Liars Speculation: Wren Is Helping Ezra

Wren Kingston (Julian Morris) has always been one of the shadiest characters on Pretty Little Liars. Despite his charming British accent and killer smile, we’ve always gotten a bad feeling about him. With the reveal that Ezra is “A,” where does Wren fit into the Bad Guy landscape? Here are five reasons we think he may be helping Ezra.

Wren’s phone call. In Season 4, Episode 10 (“The Mirror Has Three Faces”), we see Wren make a phone call to a mysterious someone regarding his manipulation of Veronica Hastings into recusing herself from Ashley Marin’s defense team. At the time, we saw it as near-damning evidence that Wren was “A” or was working with “A” and we still do.

Wren’s stalking. Later in that same ep, we watched Wren follow Hanna across town. Is it just us or is this classic “A” Team behavior? Given all of the surveillance photos hanging in Ezra’s lair, we’re even more suspicious of Wren’s stalking hobby. Did he take some of those pictures hanging in the “A” lair?

We’ve never seen them together. It’s not necessarily suspicious that Ezra and Wren have never had a scene together they operate in different spheres of Rosewood society but now that we know Ezra is “A,” we’re wondering if their non-association isn’t done on purpose. If Ezra wants to keep suspicion off of himself, it makes sense to distance himself from his shady minions. Though the Liars have never accused Wren of “A” Team trickery (though, they totally should), if they ever do, there’s nothing that leads him back to Ezra. Masterminding 101.

Mona alluded to Wren’s alternate loyalties. In Episode 10, we see Mona and Wren share a little heart-to-heart while the former is enjoying some time in Radley. They have an intriguing conversation, in which Mona tells Wren she trusted him “before [she] realized where his loyalties lie.” We think she may have been referring to Ezra.

His Red Coat sketch. We’re still curious about the Red Coat coloring Wren did in Season 3. Now that we know Alison is Red Coat and finding her seems to be Ezra’s chief goal, this drawing becomes even more suspicious. If Wren is working with Ezra, then it follows that finding Red Coat would also be his goal i.e. exactly the kind of thing he would think about when his mind wanders.

Do you think Ezra is working with Wren? Why or why not? Sound off in the comments below!

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