Pretty Little Liars Speculation: Wren Killed Mrs. DiLaurentis
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Speculation: Wren Killed Mrs. DiLaurentis

With the death of Mrs. DiLaurentis in the Pretty Little Liars Season 4 finale, comes a whole host of questions. Most pressingly: who killed her? There's no lack of potential murderers on this show, but we’ve always been particularly suspicious of Wren Kingston (Julian Morris). Despite his winsome smile and charming accent, he always seems to be hiding something. Did Wren kill Mrs. DiLaurentis?

Melissa Came Back From London

Though we didn’t actually see Wren in the Season 4 finale, that doesn’t mean he wasn’t in town. After all, Melissa flew back from London in the same episode, supposedly to come to Spencer’s rescue. Did Wren come back with her to do his own checking up on Mrs. DiLaurentis? There was a reason these two were in London together, and we think it has to do with the “A” game. Were they working together in their return from the UK? Like a one-two punch of conspiratorial vengeance? And, if so, have they done it before? There are plenty of other unsolved murders in this town. Could they also have been committed by Wren?

This Could Be About Radley

Perhaps, it’s not a person Mrs. D. was protecting, as much as an institution. We know that the mental health hospital is covering something up. We know Ali’s mom was on the Board of Directors. We know Mrs. D. had a lot of urgent phone calls the night of Ali’s attack. Has this all been about Radley? Wren is a doctor at the hospital, and seems to be in on some kind of conspiracy given the way he plotted with someone to get Veronica Hastings thrown off of the Ashley Marin case. Was he plotting with Mrs. DiLaurentis? And did he/Radley become nervous that, with Ali’s return from the dead, Mrs. D. would talk for some reason, exposing their fiercely kept secret? So nervous that he killed his former partner-in-conspiracy?

Motive: To Protect Melissa

If Wren’s motive wasn’t to protect Radley, it could have been to protect his former fiance with whom he seems to have recently rekindled the romance. Yes, we’re talking about Melissa. In the Season 4 finale, she whispered something into her father’s ear, presumably the truth about who attacked Ali and/or killed the girl in her grave. Until this point, Mr. Hastings had mistakenly thought it was Spencer, but the look of surprise on his face implies that it was not but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t his other daughter. In the same conversation, Melissa spoke of her mother having brought in the best defense attorney in the state. Even with a good lawyer, Mrs. D.’s eyewitness account of Melissa attacking Ali that night and possibly killing the other girl would have been hard to overcome. Did Wren kill Mrs. DiLaurentis so that Melissa would have a chance of winning her case?

Is He the “Beach Hottie”?

The Season 4 finale seemed to go out of its way to assure viewers that Alison didn’t sleep with Ezra or Ian. Of course, this means that the “Beach Hottie” whom she thought got her pregnant that summer on Cape May couldn’t have been either of them. Ali seemed frightened for her life when she told CeCe she thought she was pregnant. She thought her “Beach Hottie” was going to kill her. Was it Wren? Is he really capable of murder?

Do you think Wren killed Mrs. DiLaurentis? Why or why not? Share your theories in the comments below!

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