Speeding Dad-To-Be Stopped Only by a Helicopter and a Spike Strip
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Speeding Dad-To-Be Stopped Only by a Helicopter and a Spike Strip

We understand the urgency surrounding a birth, but one California man acted out a scene from Cops when he sped along his merry way to the hospital where his wife was giving birth to his first child.

According to UT San Diego, the man was initially spotted by a cop who saw him speeding and zigzagging through traffic on a San Diego highway. When his attempts to pull the man over failed, he called in backup. Soon, a handful of officers were in hot pursuit, but as they were still unable to slow the speed demon, a helicopter was brought in.

In one final attempt to stop the reckless driver, a spike strip was applied to the road and the man’s tires were deflated. When he finally came to a stop, police approached the car with guns drawn. The man was forced to explain his reason for avoiding the law: his wife was on her way to the hospital to give birth!

The police eventually let him go without a ticket, although he may be charged at a later time.

We gotta say, we’ve seen several movies in which the father-to-be raced down the highway, blew through red lights, and even pulled along a few troopers just to get to the hospital for their child’s birth, but this is no movie. This is real life, man! You have to be responsible, especially as a new dad! Your baby will need you to set a good example, but even before that, you need to survive the drive to the hospital, and your method was anything but safe.

Source: UT San Diego

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08.5.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Emmalie Vance
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