3 Reasons Spencer Hastings Could Have a Twin on \'Pretty Little Liars\'
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Pretty Little Liars

3 Reasons Spencer Hastings Could Have a Twin on ‘Pretty Little Liars’


Ever since we found out there's definitely a twin on Pretty Little Liars, we and the entire internet have been thinking about who it could be. One theory we keep seeing? Spencer Hastings!

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Sure, this may seem a little extreme, even for PLL, but we have to admit, some of the evidence is pretty compelling.

So let's take a look at why this is the theory more and more fans are latching onto as the big reveal approaches.

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The beauty mark.
So, remember back in the day when Ali told the world's creepiest story about a pair of twins? No? Here's a reminder:

Ever since then, fans have been wondering if the little girls in the story hold the key to figuring out who has a twin.

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Because they are blonde, many fans thought they pointed to Ali, or maybe even Hanna, but one clever Tumblr user points out they bare a different similarity to the most ambitious little Liar: one of the girls in the story has a pair of beauty marks that are very similar to Spencer's.

Seriously. This does not seem like a coincidence.

Credit: Ron Tom/Freeform    

This on set photo. A photo posted to Reddit seems to show a body double for Troian Bellisario on set during a scene with the rest of the Hastings women.

Obviously, the presence of a double doesn't mean much — they're used all the time for setting up lighting and things like that — but it kind of looks like this person and Troian could actually both be in the scene that's being filmed.

It's enough to make us wonder, anyway.

It makes more sense for it to be a Hastings than anyone else. There are already so many secrets in the DiLaurentis family, adding a twin would just be overkill at this point,. Honestly, the Hastings are the only other family capable of keeping this secret, if you ask us.

We actually kind of love this theory. Plus, you know Troian would have a ton of fun with it!

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