Spencer Pratt: The Hills’ Producers Wanted Me to Leave Heidi at the Altar! (VIDEO)
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Spencer Pratt: The Hills’ Producers Wanted Me to Leave Heidi at the Altar! (VIDEO)

We’ve heard a lot from The Hills cast in the last couple of years about how fake and producer-meddled the MTV “reality” series was during its six season run. But the show’s resident villains Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag just dropped some pretty major behind-the-scenes knowledge on us that might just take the cake.

The former reality couple was on Bethenny this week, and the conversation turned to exactly how real the show was. According to Spencer, they received pressure from the show’s execs to keep ratings up… at any cost.

“On our show, we knew the stakes and the bonuses if the ratings went up, so no one forced us to do anything,” he reveals. “So you want to be like what can I do to get the ratings up? To get like a huge bonus.”

“You would get bonuses if the ratings went up? What the hell was I doing wrong?” Bethenny quips. Andy Cohen, are you listening?!

Heidi also points out that The Hills was focused around Lauren Conrad, which forced the rest of the cast to work around her to remain in the plot of the show. “Our show wasn't an even playing field,” she explains. “To us, it was Lauren's show where she was the narrator, and we had to fit into a storyline that she saw us fit into.”

“In the beginning it was more real. And then, as it progressed, it got a little bit fake and then more fake… and then everything is fake before you know it,” the 27-year-old admits.

The final straw for the controversial couple was when the producers tried to meddle with their wedding — namely, trying to get Spencer to leave Heidi at the altar.

“[The producers] kept saying ‘Let's just call it! We've got the exit door and your Rolls Royce right there. We can always reschedule and Heidi can leave with Lauren and it will work out great,’” Spencer shares. “But that wasn’t going to happen. I'm like, ‘There are people that flew here! Heidi's dad will choke me to death.’”

The couple says that was the beginning of the end for them. “That's where we decided we have to draw the line somewhere,” Heidi admits. “We were like, ‘We've done so much crap for you guys, the fact that you wouldn't give us a day and now you're trying to ruin it’... That was like our line. This has gone way too far.”

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