Britney Spears Spent More Than $30K on Her Pets
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Britney Spears

Britney Spears Spent More Than $30K on Her Pets

Jealous of Britney Spears? Wrong. You should actually be jealous of Brit-Brit’s pets. The “Work B**ch” singer has no problem pulling out the platinum card for her four-legged loved ones. We’re talking five figures here, people for one year.

The newly single pop diva (she and beau David Lucado went their separate ways just a handful of days ago) dropped more than $30,000 to take care of her pets last year. How is that even possible? Let the folks over at Yahoo! break it down for you.

First, she paid $8,212 on one new puppy, plus $5,568 on Doggie No. 2, and the almost reasonable seeming amount of $2,800 on a third pup. We hope they were all golden retrievers, emphasis on the golden. Getting us up to that final figure of $31,234 was the more than $5K Britney shelled out for petsitting and thousands in other miscellaneous expenses.

If you’re scratching your fleas head wondering how we’re privy to this kind of private financial information, Yahoo! got the deets from 93 pages of court paperwork recently filed by the pop star in relation to the estate conservatorship held by her father for the past six years. Those docs also detail just how much Brit is worth, a whopping $41 million, aka $30K is barely a drop in the water bowl.

Source: Yahoo!