The Walking Dead Spin-Off Still in “Incubation Stages”
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The Walking Dead Spin-Off Still in “Incubation Stages”

We may need to curb our enthusiasm about The Walking Dead spin-off. It’s still planned for 2015, but we may not be hearing specifics anytime soon.

The “companion series” was only announced four months ago, but we had the impression it was further along in the development stages. Man-of-all-trades Greg Nicotero recently said he knew details on the spin-off and when we’d learn what it’s about, so we were hoping for a big reveal of some kind — maybe even tied to the return of Season 4 in February. Well, now that doesn’t sound so likely!

Vulture recently talked to AMC network chief Charlie Collier and programming head Joel Stillerman, and naturally the site asked how the spin-off was coming along. They said the other AMC spin-off, Breaking Bad’s Better Call Saul, is much more developed — which you would expect since that series is premiering in November.

Joel Stillerman said TWD’s spin-off is not as far along, adding that comic book writer/executive producer Robert Kirkman still “has some things on his plate.” That’s putting it mildly, and if they are really waiting for him to have free time, they should grab some snacks.

“He continues to write every issue of the comic and hasn’t finished Season 4 of The Walking Dead, which he is very intimately involved with and will continue to be,” Joel added to Vulture. “[The spin-off is] really in the incubation stages. [...] We kicked around a few ideas, but primarily what he’s working on is, what is the idea that gives [him] as clear a mandate to make another version of this show as [he] had for the first one? What is going on [now] is a more philosophical discussion over why there should be another version of the show. Once we answer that, we’ll zero in on the specific creative.”

So it’s just a bunch of philosophers sitting in a room at this point. The show is still “in development” and Charlie Collier added that they don’t want to “diminish the mothership.” They just want to “find something that everyone involved feels as passionately about as being a unique vehicle and unique enterprise as compared to the original series. We’ll take our time, and we’ll do it right.”

The Walking Dead’s cast already shared some fun, unique ideas for what the spin-off could be about. We know it will be a new show with new characters, not filmed in Georgia like the main show, and maybe not even covering the same time period. The door is wide open. We just have to wait to see what comes out!

The Walking Dead Season 4 returns with Episode 9 on Sunday, February 9 at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

Source: Vulture

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