Glee’s [Spoiler] Inherits TONS of Money in the 100th Episode!
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Glee’s [Spoiler] Inherits TONS of Money in the 100th Episode!

People always manage to find weird ways to make money on Glee, whether it's selling pot cupcakes or starring in a yeast-infection cream ad. (Blow those bubbles, Santana!) Now, one Glee character has big plans for the massive inheritance that she's received.

We're very excited for all the characters who are set to return for the upcoming 100th episode spectacular. It's especially going to be fun to have April Rhodes (Kristin Chenoweth), whom we've learned will be a "hot mess" in the episode. But it sounds like April will also be showing her altruistic side.

Glee’s [Spoiler] Inherits TONS of Money in the 100th Episode!
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Jane Lynch (Sue) tells TV Guide that April will try to use her late boyfriend's inheritance to save the glee club from Sue's wrath. "April Rhodes is back, and she gamely attempts to reestablish the glee club with all the millions she's inherited from being the ex-mistress of a dead strip-mall magnate," Jane says.

In Season 1, we first learned about April's inheritance, as she informed Will that she would be using it to fund her all-white production of The Wiz. And now that her show didn't work out as planned, we're very curious to see what she does with this money to try and stop Sue from disbanding the glee club. At any rate, it's just great to have April — and her knack for questionable decision-making — back on Glee!

What do you think April will do with her money to try to save glee? And will she be successful?

Source: TV Guide print edition