Glee Spoiler: Unexpected Character Confirms Move to NYC!
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Glee Spoiler: Unexpected Character Confirms Move to NYC!

We're learning more about Glee's planned transition to NYC for the second half of Season 5 and now an unlikely character's fate appears to be making the move official.

Rumor has it that New Directions will be disbanding in the show's upcoming two-part 100th episode special, with former McKinley graduates coming back to say goodbye to Schue and the club. Sadly, Sue (Jane Lynch) appears to have finally won the battle and gotten rid of sworn rivals.

Glee Spoiler: Unexpected Character Confirms Move to NYC!
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But hold on a second! Apparently, Sue won't be staying at McKinley and instead will be heading to NYC as well. But what will she do there? "I'm going to New York from what I understand," Jane tells E! News. "I haven't heard how or why, but I'm excited to see."

Interesting! So it looks like Glee's move to NYC has now been confirmed. But will some of the New Directions members not be staying with the show, particularly those who aren't graduating this season, like Jake, Marley, and Ryder?

"I don't know what they're going to do," Jane says about the show's producers. "I understand that they're not going to say goodbye to a lot of the kids, either. I think there are a bunch of kids who are going to go, and I think they might check still in at McKinley."

Jane says it's been great to have all the former series regulars back to film the 100th episode - and she seems to miss the Unholy Trinity as much as we do! "[That] would be pretty cool to get back with Heather and Naya and Dianna and have them smell their armpits," Jane says about hoping for a Cheerios reunion.

So we're curious to learn more about what Sue is going to be doing in NYC. Maybe she'll become the cheerleading coach for the New York Knicks? Whatever the case, we're relieved that Sue is sticking around, since Glee just isn't Glee without Sue being on the verge of pushing something (or someone) over.

What do you think Sue is doing in NYC?

Source: E! Online