Glee Spoiler Clip: Which “Controversial” Scenes Were Cut From “Previously Unaired Christmas”?
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Glee Spoiler Clip: Which “Controversial” Scenes Were Cut From “Previously Unaired Christmas”?

Who doesn't look forward to a good Glee Christmas episode? And tonight's Season 5, Episode 8: "Previously Unaired Christmas," promises to be quite a memorable one, as it is supposedly an episode that was banned from TV when it was filmed a year ago.

In this introductory clip from tonight's episode, Jane Lynch (Sue) breaks down the fourth wall as she speaks directly to the camera to explain why the episode wasn't shown last year.

"In October 2012, on the Paramount soundstages, the cast and crew filmed a Christmas episode entitled, 'Rough Trade Santa,'" Jane tells us. "Upon viewing the director's cut, Fox executives recoiled in horror and then locked the episode in a lead vault, where it languished for an entire year."

"A new, less-controversial Christmas episode, containing an entire act dedicated to biracial Judaism, was rushed into production and aired in its place," she continues, referring to Puck (Mark Salling) and Jake (Jacob Artist) bonding in last year's "Glee, Actually."

So why is the episode airing now? "After a year of pleas from fans all over the world, the episode will now air - with several edits," Jane says. "Gone is an entire subplot involving Blaine and his obsession with yule logs. Lost forever are several scenes explaining why Will Schuester abandoned his Washington dreams to come back and teach his merry band of miscreants and losers."

Makes perfect sense, right? And we love Sue again calling the show out on its logic fails, this one involving Will (Matthew Morrison) randomly quitting his dream of being in Washington. But sadly, if you were looking forward to Blaine (Darren Criss) spending time with a yule log tonight, you're out of luck.

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