Spoiler Clip: Tyra Banks Tells WHO to Lose Weight? — Glee Season 5, Episode 6 (VIDEO)
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Spoiler Clip: Tyra Banks Tells WHO to Lose Weight? — Glee Season 5, Episode 6 (VIDEO)

In case you didn’t catch the promo for this week’s Glee Season 5, Episode 6: “Movin’ Out,” Tyra Banks is guest starring! The former supermodel is playing Bichette, a stunning-but-heartless former supermodel who Sam (Chord Overstreet) meets when he goes to an NYC modeling agency to check out his chances turning his natural good looks into a full-time career.

Tyra’s Bichette tells Sam he has the look of a model. There’s just one thing. “You have to lose 10 pounds!” she tells him in a brilliant, over-the-top way that only Tyra Banks can. “You know, I recommend ipecac and cigarettes. And if not, I know this guy in Chinatown that will give you a fabulous tapeworm.”

It’s all clearly meant to be poking fun at modeling stereotypes. But make no mistake: Tyra Banks would never say something so terrible to an aspiring model.

“It’s so interesting playing Bichette and saying these words, because I would never tell a model on America’s Next Top Model that they have to lose ten pounds,” she says. In fact, Tyra says that even having to say Bichette’s lines on set was hard for her.

As a result, she wanted to make sure that her character looked “as different from me as possible.” The result: Bichette has a striking geometric haircut and bold, Cleopatra eye makeup.

“Don’t make her look like me at all,” Tyra says she told the Glee crew, “because she’s saying stuff I would never say!”

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