CeCe Dies in Pretty Little Liars’ Season 4 Summer Finale?!
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Pretty Little Liars

CeCe Dies in Pretty Little Liars’ Season 4 Summer Finale?!

It’s not a Pretty Little Liars finale without a billion shocking things going down. And during tonight’s Season 4 summer finale, CeCe (Vanessa Ray) officially kicked the bucket.

It happened during the girls’ trip to the eerie town of Ravenswood, Pennsylvania. Catching sight of not one but two Red Coats, Aria (Lucy Hale) took after one. After a chase through town, Aria caught up with Red Coat on the second floor of an old wooden building, and the two girls got into a physical fight.

Red Coat wore a mask at first, but it soon came off to reveal none other than... Ali’s frenemy CeCe. As the fight escalated, CeCe ended up thrown over the side of the railing. Aria reached out her hand to pull CeCe back up, but she just wasn’t strong enough in the end. The sleeve of CeCe’s red coat tore, and the girl plunged to her death — crashing hard against the cement floor.

When Aria ran downstairs, it was clear that CeCe’s body was lifeless. But before the Little Liars could tell anyone what had happened, CeCe's fingers suddenly moved, and seconds later her body was gone. Did “A” take her? Or did she somehow managed to escape death, despite all appearances to the contrary? Only time will tell.