Spoiler: Expect More Scenes at Hollis College on PLL Season 2

Pretty Little Liars

Spoiler: Expect More Scenes at Hollis College on PLL Season 2

We’ve hardly seen Hollis College on Pretty Little Liars, but that’s all about to change. Many scenes will take place at the small liberal arts school next season according to PLL Showrunner Marlene King. We already know three Rosewood residents who work there: Ezra (Ian Harding), Byron (Chad Lowe), and Jackie (Paloma Guzman), so it only makes sense they show this setting. Plus, we might see Meredith, the woman Byron had an affair with, since she was a student there. We thought life at Rosewood High was dramatic, but Hollis sounds just as bad.

The PLL crew already started filming at the college and King hinted that we’ll get to meet some students, including an art major named Bryce. We’re not sure how he’ll relate to the little liars, but this is PLL we’re talking about, so he’s bound to have a creepy connection.

We’re also guessing that a lot of the Jackie and Ezra interactions will take place at Hollis. That will probably make Aria (Lucy Hale) jealous since she can’t keep an eye on Ezra. But then again, if they don't have to hide their relationship, maybe it’s all right if Aria visits him at work.

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