Grey’s Anatomy Spoiler: Someone Tattles About the Hospital Hook-Ups!
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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Spoiler: Someone Tattles About the Hospital Hook-Ups!

Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital must have the world's worst human resources department, considering all the sex the doctors have between surgeries on Grey's Anatomy.

But that might change in Season 10 once a character makes a big stink over the surgeons' X-rated happy-times — as teased by a new spoiler from TV Guide.

"All those years of promiscuity among the docs will finally bring some consequences," reporter Natalie Abrams reveals. "Someone feels so uncomfortable with all the bed-hopping at Grey Sloan Memorial that he or she takes the information straight to HR."

Yikes. But it was only a matter of time. The on-call room at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital is basically a carnal bordello full of slovenly hook-ups, the occasional transference of STDs, and other assorted debaucheries.

Our first thought is that the tattler in question here is April (Sarah Drew). She can be a little uptight and judgmental, after all. But then we remembered that time in Season 7 she herself hooked up with Alex (Justin Chambers) in the on-call room. (Granted, they didn't go all the way because of April's then-virgin nerves.)

Then we thought that it might be a newcomer unaccustomed to the constant surgeon-sex. Perhaps the just-announced addition to the Grey Sloan ranks, Dr. Oliver Lebackes — aka actor Patrick Fabian, who we're pretty sure just got cast in the part. Oliver is described as "funny" and "caring" — but can "easily-scandalized" be added to that list of attributes?

Who do you think is the tattletale? Speculate away in the comments below.

Source: TV Guide

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