Game of Thrones Spoiler: Huge Development for Jon Snow at the End of Season 4
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Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones Spoiler: Huge Development for Jon Snow at the End of Season 4

On Game of Thrones, Jon Snow has always been the consummate do-gooder. We saw him lapse a little in Season 3 when he slept with Ygritte, but he still did the right thing in the end and ditched her for the Night’s Watch. With Season 4 underway now, we can expect to see Jon’s personality evolve even more. According to Kit Harington, who portrays Jon, by the end of the season, Snow turns cold.

“I think the biggest development that’s ever happened to [Jon] happens at the end of this season,” Kit tells The Daily Beast. “There’s a specific scene at the end of this season where you see a real coldness in him, and that comes from various things that have happened this season — not least by the start of the season where we learn that his whole family is dead. He really chooses his side and grows up in a way where there’s no sentimentality left. I think he’s been quite sentimental in the past about things, but this season, there’s no f—ing around with it. By the end, he’s a cold person.”

In addition to his new coldness, Jon’s also going to finally learn to play the game a little better. “This season, he really starts to learn from his father’s mistakes,” Kit says. “He starts to realize that if you want the world to be the right place, you have to fight dirty at times, so he’s entering the world of politics this season, and entering the world of being a leader ... He’s learned a lot about deception, and playing people against one another, and has a mission to accomplish. He can’t be standing by and putting up with other people’s bulls—t. This season, he learns very much to fight dirty.”

Jon Snow, actin’ cold and fightin’ dirty. This season’s going to be awesome.

Source: The Daily Beast