Glee Spoiler: Huge Fallout From Rachel and Santana’s Understudy Fight
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Glee Spoiler: Huge Fallout From Rachel and Santana’s Understudy Fight

Okay, so clearly Santana (Naya Rivera) is not afraid of going all Lima Heights on someone when things get tense on Glee. But could things between Rachel (Lea Michele) and Santana actually get violent? Say it ain't so!

Over the years, we've seen Santana roll up her sleeves and get physical when she needs to, as happened with her hallway rumble with Lauren Zizes, not to mention her slapping Finn (Cory Monteith) and Quinn (Dianna Agron). But things between Santana and Rachel had seemed to be all rosy of late. Until now, that is.

With an episode title like "Frenemies" the name of Season 5, Episode 9 it is probably safe to assume that tensions may rise between Rachel and Santana, as they have in previous seasons. Now, Santana is rumored to be landing the position of Rachel's understudy in Funny Girl.

And while we would hope it'd be cute to see them rehearsing the same lines together, it actually seems like there will be a fierce rivalry developing. "Not only does their little Funny Girl imbroglio turn violent, but it will significantly alter their current living situation," TV Line reveals.

Oh, boy. We're worried about the violence — settle it with words, you two but we also hate the idea of Santana no longer living in Kurt (Chris Colfer) and Rachel's den of bestie-ness. So is Santana moving out or will it be Rachel? Either way, given how fashionable both of these girls are, we're guessing a lot of luggage will be involved.

Who do you think will move out? And do you think Santana and Rachel will stay enemies for long?

Source: TV Line